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  1. @roseruthie Yes, definitely, I'm very lucky ?

  2. Volkswagen close to buying Red Bull F1 team http://t.co/uUHzut1Yxc

  3. Friends. My scan shows a significant increase in my tumour! The chemo is not working and no treatment options are available to me! Very sad!

  4. Alan Freeman voice... "This afternoon pop pickers, straight in at No.1. Back to the 60s with Jeremy Corbyn & Tom Watson"

  5. Lost in a cloud of 'Mom's Pineapple Cake' #vaping https://t.co/M8ieFioqQF

  6. RT @PistonHeads: Al is finally in a car he says is perfect for hillclimbs, What could possibly go wrong? http://t.co/6B8H5D2Wmd http://t.c…

  7. Temperature of 38.6! Not good! Coming down with something... bleurgh ?

  8. RT @rescueremedies: Older boy Max has just come into our care after his owner died. Sweet boy http://t.co/TJ0RTYttnC http://t.co/rjLdvGjn9r

  9. Anxious wait. Everything crossed!

  10. RT @camdiary: Cambridge on a Sunday morning, 6 Sep 2015. http://t.co/3VqRVkNVj4

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