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  1. Dear all, Just over 3 years back I purchased my 2007 Impreza WRX from Subaru approved used. At the time, as this was my first Scooby, I was somewhat apprehensive, even though I had a 12 month warranty from Subaru. Well, over 3 years have passed and I have to say I have loved every minute of ownership. In all that time I have never even changed a bulb. Runs beautifully and a real pleasure to own. Honestly, I could wax lyrical here but suffice it to say I am proud and privileged to own this Subaru and I love her Now looking forward to another Autumn and Winter where I can laugh at the weather forecast and pray for Snow ! Subaru... the horizon is closer than you think Cheers Dave
  2. Hi guys,white type r from today's buddies meet

    Hope to catch up at the next event and get to know you all a bit better, Cheers Dave
  3. Peterlee Scoobs ?

    Anyone on this forum live in or near Peterlee ? I grew up there back in the 1970's and looking to head back for a visit this year, be nice to meet any Scooby owners up that way. Cheers Dave North Blunts primary.... Shotton Hall comprehensive !
  4. Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you all ! Hope to get to a run or two in 2016 Cheers !
  5. Hello and a hearty welcome to the " clan " Well I noted some discussion and comments re the 2.5 liter Hawkeye's, but for me the 2.5 is a belter of an engine. Never had a problem, goes like a Typhoon fighter and smooth as you like. Buy a good one, service her properly... your laughing. Enjoy
  6. I Be A Bit Mad...

    A brave man indeed, best of British on your quest, I have a notion to take mine on a run to a Nordic country, in Winter naturally
  7. New Member

    Hello Watford and welcome ! Anyone from Watford is OK in my book, do you follow the footy by chance ? Nice to have you here, Cheers Dave
  8. Avatar5

    She's a beauty !
  9. Whats The Best Track?

    I would love to have a few laps of Spa or Monza, it's one thing driving them on a simulator, but having a day to howl your Scoob around there... quality
  10. Wr1

    While I was at Adams bros ( Subaru ) Aylesbury on Tuesday, they have a WR1 for sale which I thought to mention on here. Just because it is about the nicest model I have come across, almost mint with less than 18K miles. They are asking a lot, but she is a beauty. Number 485 of the 500 built, I believe. If your'e passing, well worth a look. Cheers Dave
  11. Which Type Of Fuel Is Cool?

    I only run Shell V power Nitro +, if you join Shell's driver club you build points and eventually end up with money off vouchers. I am defo seeing better MPG running Shell. That said, to obtain best performance/MPG you also need to be using high quality oil. Cheers David
  12. Dear all I had the above engine oil fitted at the end of April and as yet have not had to add a single drop to top up. Prior to the Petronas, I had run Fuchs Titan and used a little, but I have to say very impressed with Petronas. It is not the first brand you think of when considering an oil change, and if I did not already have 5ltrs of Eneos Sustina at home for the Winter, I would definitely continue to run the petronas. Just wanted to share this with you David
  13. MIJ Exhaust

  14. Newbie - Cambridgeshire

    Hello and welcome Love the WR1 a true classic, probably better than a Fezza ! Enjoy and all the best Dave
  15. To Sell Or Keep, That Is The Question!

    If she has Gold wheels I would defo keep her. I love those wagon's, very cool and for me, collectable. Post a picture ? Cheers Dave