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  1. First thing, head to a reputable tuner with a rolling road to check everything is good, then before power improve the handling and brakes
  2. Morning all, not strictly a new comer, more a long time watcher. Just sold the WRX and purchased a widetrack STI. Will meet a few of you at modified live.
  3. Yeah I'm coping with the boot lol the missus has a Volvo estate so we have no worries. But the wrx is a lovely drive I just find that it isn't as raw as a Subaru pre2000 the legacy was always the car I wanted but... These things happen for a reason, onwards and upwards
  4. Cheers for the welcome, the leggy got put into a local so called specialist for the Headgasket doing, as I thought i could trust him due to knowing him from school etc.... top and tail of it is, the engine came back, knock knock knock, so i sent it down to scooby clinic who stripped the engine, and by there own accounts it is one of the worse jobs they have ever seen, everything was held together with black silicone, so much so that they had sheered the bolts for rocker covers and black silicone was used to attatch it, they even managed to use black silicone to reattatch the heads to the bolts... here she is though, I really miss this car
  5. 1)scoobycatt 2)cheftitch 3)greenmachine 4)chunkb 5)jay_dm 6)STi BLK 7)shepbomb
  6. Cheers mate. Wanting to keep her very clean and original
  7. Hi and welcome from a fellow newbie
  8. Good evening all, Just joined, hope to make some meets and events, currently have a 03 WRX, after my legacy GTB, got ruined by a local so called specialist... (long story but I will post my experiences if people are interested). Here She is..
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