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  1. Would that be before me? Think it was someone from portlethen area! Yeah I know them all to well! Im planning on coming down to spectate for a couple hours, tempted to take the ST on for a run but im not sure. Not sure if I have to register for it.
  2. I'll be down to spectate with a friend. I am quiet tempted to try have a shot but not sure if I want to risk the car as its not mine n never been on before. At least I wouldnt be risking my own motor for the first a tempt tho! Not sure if there is room or the process to register.
  3. I cant seem be find the link to pay for membership
  4. Certainly going to be an entertaining start to the season as everyone is still trying to find there feet and are all fairly equal. Look at what happened to red bull amd Mercedes and then you get bottas of williams and then mclaren being big contenders. Magnussen could be one to look out for! Had to laugh at vettel run of luck tho, failed in qualifing, retired from the race amd then kyvat breaks is record for youngest point scorer haha!
  5. Looking good! Canna wait till mines is all fitted bavk together after seeing your pics!
  6. http://bbs.22b.com/forums/showthread.php?32219-500-sti-blob! Yeah its not the first time ive had that. Im javing trouble posting photos on this forum base from my computer so had to do it from the phone. Mine was lack of maintenance, my clutch was on its very last legs. Didnt like boost whats so ever but it did very well for what it had to handle. On waiting for the clutch to go which I thought was any moment in time I didnt bother changing the oil and filter and the filter got a bit rotten and thats where I lost pressure and all my oil. One way or another which ever happened first would of started the new build as I wasnt going to replace the clutch to pull the engine out again to rebuild it. Almost a year since it has been of the road! There is alot more im doing to the car, list is endless
  7. haha well....... the engine gave in so im replacing it with a 2.1. I decided to keep the car and spend some money on it instead of forking out more money to by something newer and more powerful. So while the engine is out I set about upgrading everything else on it to make it more track friendly and to accompany more power. subframes are away getting powdercoated and after looking at the underside and deciding to keep the car it also makes sense to repaint and underseal to preserve it more. ive bought all new rear adjustable arms the bigger antiroll bars and upgrading ever bush in the car, basically make it a brand new car again the bulk of the work is getting done now so it will leave just a few engine mods over next winter to do to bring it to its full power potential
  8. Cheers will do not sure if ive seen a project thread on here but ive got one on 22b, ss.net and AS. its actually in worse shape then that in the photo!
  9. this is my STI its now going through a make over and at the moment its just a shell with interior
  10. I wondered gow long until would say that chris over 100pics of the car with having all this work done on it but I'll try n find some good ones! Look forward to it davey, ive never really got involved with trackdays and shows but once weve got the car back on the road I'll be more then ready to come along (dont think I have much option tbh, eh russell!) Planning on coming down on the 29th to knockhill, just to spectate as I now a couple that are attending. Quite tempted to see about putting the ST on if there is room
  11. yeah I seen there was someone else had just joined from Aberdeen. I recognise your name from other sites I think Davey, are you on AS? im also just along the road from you too. Im in echt!
  12. hello people my names ross and ive eventualy joined up. Im a member on several other Subaru forums so I no the script. had a few Subarus in the house hold, my folks had the wrx 300 blobeye and then upgraded to the gb270 which they have recently replaced that with a focus st. Myself on the other hand, I got my self a blob sti back in 2009 which was running 410bhp however its going through a bit of a make over just now will update you shortly....... Pics will follow
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