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  1. Photos From Knockhill Last Night

    Actually, just realised I was at that one as I'm in one of the photos above!!! oops. But I missed the one last weekend.
  2. Photos From Knockhill Last Night

    When is the next SIDC night at knockhill?? I missed this one, looked like a good night.
  3. I spun but always managed to catch it before an off, someone said afterwards they thought I was just drifting!!
  4. Another great night. Thanks John, looking forward to the next one. Did you get any other photos of me? I was facing the wrong way at clarks once or twice as I tried to find the latest point I could brake before turn in!
  5. Knockhill, This Saturday

    Hi there - I'll be there - not in a subaru tho - a modified silver BMW compact. If you want a lap or two in mine just ask otherwise enjoy. SIDC track days are the best, well organised and good track maners from almost all of the people on track. Makes a change from other track days. Ronan.