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  1. specdogger

    Thank You!

    gordon must be the main man
  2. specdogger

    Euro Car Parts Codes

    you will send them bust
  3. specdogger

    Sump replacement with pics

    I believe that a new stumpshould last for a fairfew years over the oe fitted one as its better coated
  4. specdogger

    Thank You!

    hope it wasnt those got awful tranny pants he was sending.
  5. specdogger

    Legal Aid

    Its a fairly good question, I once had a sticker on my back window saying Boaby Ogger as thats my name and the police told me i couldnt have that on my window as it said Boaby,I was unaware it was glasgow slang for a phalice as im not from around there. where i am from just near balerno everyone called me big Boaby Oaggie so i felt daft when the police pulled me up and made me peel it off
  6. hi nipps why are you called this

  7. I used to live in edinburgh but have since moved to erskine as i liked the view of the bridge
  8. specdogger

    Thank You!

    good lads
  9. specdogger

    New Group For Terzo Owners

    Terzo is spelt with a z ya bunnet
  10. specdogger

    Sump replacement with pics

    Good write up pics are a great help
  11. specdogger

    Struggled To Start :(

    Probably broken down