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  1. Sad to see. Dont think this'll be the only one
  2. I'm a member of another club that relies on voluntarily donations. You generally find its the same people every year, and they're the ones who turn up at trackdays. Not sure I like it to be honest, as it seems a bit unfair. I've said before, certain insurers will give a 10% discount if you're a member of an enthusiasts club. We tend to care more about our cars, and are less likely to crash them as a result. Definitely covered my 25quid. I do think facebook has its uses though, and should be explored as much as possible to the clubs advantage.
  3. But are you not be taking this complaint from a younger audience Eddie?
  4. Some really good points Wilky. The days of jap 4x4 is far from over, infact I'd say reviving. I think its due to the point you made about afordability for younger drivers now, hence they're enjoying everything you guys did 10years ago. .net seems to be less moderated, thus more friendly to younger banter. I'm guessing .net average age is similar to what SIDC was when it was in its prime, therefore typical of the laughs you & Chris used to have? Question for the original members. Do you see similarities between the present .net, and how SIDC used to be?
  5. Thine black beauty should not be tampered with unless you want to sicken yourself of scoobs for good, when it shitz its own pants
  6. You ok Gumboil? You're not about to top yourself are you
  7. Was going to buy one years ago but was too busy running 2 or 3 bikes, and usually a couple of cars at the same time. Insurance kinda put the blocks on it really. Due to the pish weather for the last three years, I cleared out my last bike recently (Fireblade), and needed something on four wheels with balls to fill the void. After a Ducati, the Boxer is the best sounding engine on the road. I wasn't intending buying one but glad I did.
  8. Havnt seen family all week. Get my girls on Friday night so gonna go do dad stuff. They love the scoob so will be fun wherever we go
  9. The way i read the original post was generally trying to establish why SIDC has decreased over the years, and .net has flourished. I dont think club history, name, or rivalry comes into that. Two clubs can easily exist side by side, and have a few laughs along the way. We need to sort our club, and start being more positive instead of moaning because Scott has small-man syndrome, so feels he needs to spend £50k on his ilegal sidelights. (that was humour btw)
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