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  1. a dealer would get you a seal. just sit down before he gives you the price.
  2. litchfieldimports.co.uk do some a bolt on supercharger kit and handling package for brz. youtube Litchfield brz I'd rather have a brz than the sti
  3. Dee was always positive and said she would get another one, so i got one for her. It had to be a special car and it could only be a Series McRae. I'm just waiting for the paperwork to come thro to put M555 DEE on it.
  4. i've had it 2 months. its standard apart from the backbox and thats how it's gonna stay. even the radio is the 1996 factory one. the money is being spent on resto over the next few years. modding will only devalue it. after all theres only 46 left on the road and 17 sorn at last count.
  5. hi, i'm from milton keynes and i got a 96 Series McRae
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