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  1. Totally gutted, found out yesterday work have changed my shifts this week, now on 2-10!! Was hoping to still be able to get a swap but not looking good Hope you guys have a good meet and post up some pics, I WILL be at the next one (if im not on holiday!)
  2. List started 14th June meet 1. Bakerzone 2. Matty 3. Logger 4. Mugs 5. Silverscoobs
  3. Im good with Fri 14th June
  4. All dates look good for me, at the mo. Cant wait as it'l be the first one Ive been to. Havent got sat nav tho... rely on the map reader, acca, best mate Stacey lol!!
  5. Hi, was wandering when the next mini meet was likely to be? Was gutted when I couldnt get to the last one, that'l teach me to go on holiday!!!
  6. 1: ant84, didcot, subaru impreza 94 wagon gl in white 2: Big 'D', Carterton, 97' Subaru Impreza WRX Sti (White Noise) 3: Myles, Carterton, 02 Subaru Impreza WRX in Deep Blue Mica 4: stum450n, Witney, 54 Subaru Impreza GX Sport, Crystal Grey 5:andysti78, Didcot, 98 Subaru Impreza STI in white 6:andyjudge, Thatcham (Berks), 99 Impreza UK Turbo 2000 in Green 7:WhisperUK ( Andy C ) Oxford 1998 Turbo 2000 ( 245 bhp at the moment and getting there ) 8:Matty WRX - 2004 WR1 9:Smiley Kylie - Didcot area every day for work - MY96 DBP sport and MY97 DBM sport 10. Vimmy, Carterton, 98 Subaru Impr
  7. Yeah, its in good condition, got a few stone chips on the bonnet that need doing, what would you go for gettin some one like chips away to do it, or a complete bonnet re spray? Im a bit nervous that the paint might not match.... Also got to get one of the alloys re done, any suggestions on where I could get that done? Cheers..
  8. Above is a link to photobucket, have a look in the gallery at my Scoobs. Havent quite worked out how to transfer pics over yet!!
  9. Im on the M4 corridor, Newbury/Thatcham. Got a few out here, but still seems a rare sight. Some one mentioned a tunnel run last year, any plans for one this year? New to this site, and want some fun!!
  10. Hi all, I wanted to join up and chat and hopefully meet Scooby owners on this site. I used to have a Seat Ibiza, and decided on a change, somehow I ended up with my Scoobs!! It wasnt really my choice, was my ex's, but we are now inseperable, the way it drives and sounds, I could never part with her. I am looking at a possible re spray on the bonnet, due to some annoying little chips, but apart from that shes perfect. Does anyone know if there are any local meets / shows, Im in Thatcham but happy to travel. I would like to put a pic on here, does anyone know how? sorry, I cant see an attachment
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