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    2005 hawkeye sti
  1. Carbon Front Lip

    A guy in my local impreza club has his own company making carbon fibre stuff including front splitters if i recall, carben fibre creations is the name.
  2. Performance Clutch

    I had an Excedy pink box fitted to mine a couple of years ago, it juddered from day 1 and it still judders now, going to change it for a oem one soon i think.
  3. New Member Saying Hi.

    Again, thanks for the warm welcome gents, really looking forward to meeting up with you all at some shows / meets.
  4. New Member Saying Hi.

    Thanks for the replies gents, much appreciated.
  5. New Members Section

    1)scoobycatt 2)cheftitch 3)greenmachine 4)chunkb 5)jay_dm 6)
  6. New Member Saying Hi.

    Cheers guys, yeah i try my best to keep her looking her best, not always easy though with the sunny yorkshire weather
  7. New Member Saying Hi.

    Hi there everyone, just a quick hello from a new member from Yorkshire. I'm the proud owner of a 2005 Hawkeye STI in WR Blue which i've had for about 6 years now. She hasn't been without her problems (headgasket) , but all in all i've enjoyed every minute of ownership, i'll hopefully be able to get along to some meets when my shifts allow so look forward to meeting some of you guys then, a few pics of the car.