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  1. 18 abre aka Andrew... Normally scan the forum every night to see what's going on in Scotland ;o)
  2. Bilt Hamber auto-wash & their auto-wheel cleaner is outstanding
  3. If you've got an iPhone I can recommend the Navigon software, I think it's better than my Pioneer unit in the car. Have only used it in UK , Ireland & Italy but it's never failed me even on back roads.
  4. I ran my MY11 Hatch from new on Tesco's finest, always felt tickover was rough and suffered an increasing amount of hesitancy... After 10 months I made the decision to swap to Nitro to see if I would get a smoother tickover and a lighter pocket having made the change I got a smoother tickover and no hesitancy but I can't say the performance was better. This was then closely followed by a ringland failure scare from my dealer and an ECU reset Fortunately it was only a scare, I hope. Anyway I have persisted with Nitro and the only other real difference I've seen is an increase in fuel consumption. I use the car as my daily drive and on Tesco I was getting on average 24mpg ish but on Nitro I'm only getting 22 ish... What seems clear from this thread and many others is that there is no consistent result across engines, now it could always be down to the fuel and its turnover in the pumps at the respective forecourts? Andrew
  5. So got a call today, the dealer has re-checked all the logs, done compression testing and "could find nothing wrong" :freak3: they test drove it twice but on the second outing detected a hesitance at 4500 rpm. Following a discussion with Subaru the ECU was reset. On the subsequent test drive the mechanic reported improved response. So after frightening the living daylights out of me with suspect ringland failure I now have the car back relatively unscathed, if I ignore the scratched duracon gear knob and center console it took me an hour to polish out the knob scratches... you can just imagine the comments from my other half never realised how hard it was Anyway I'm told I have got an un identified fault, the ECU memory has been cleared an I've been asked to go back as soon as I experience any hesitance so they can check the logs. I have also been told to keep a close eye on the oil level, but I check that every week without fail so that's not a problem.
  6. The car is well within warranty, not even had its first service yet, its only 10 months old and 100% standard. The dealer is very clear about their plan of action, so I will just have to wait for confirmation of their initial diagnosis. Part of me hopes that they've got it wrong but I somehow doubt it.
  7. Took the car into my dealer today, I suspected a noisy accelerator pot and just wanted them look at it pre first service, the senior technician took the car, said he wanted to download the log data and 30 minutes later I was told they didn't want me to drive the car away... apparently there are knock logs against cylinders 1, 3 and 4 and they suspect early ringland failure and are initially talking short block replacement subject to inspection. Not quite what I was expecting out of a bog standard Type UK having only done 8000 miles! Engine was run in gently and it has never been thrashed. Mentioned it had used half a litre of oil in 8000 miles and that raised an eyebrow along with the mention of random power drops at 4.5k ish under acceleration. Just have to wait now for the inspection and confirmation of the diagnosis and there was me thinking I'd treat myself to the 320 upgrade... perhaps not now.
  8. Thanks for the welcome, finally got chance to take some pics...
  9. Just need a chance to get a pic taken in daylight, will try this weekend if the weather holds
  10. Hello After many years I've finally got the one car I've always longed for and the wait was worth it! Couldn't get it in the colour I really wanted (plasma blue) but still looks excellent in spark silver. Can't wait for the first 1000 to be done the 4k rev limit is soooo frustrating! Andrew
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