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  1. 011

    Struggling to upload shot's ,so that's it for now. Watch this space.
  2. Muppit 2

    New pics
  3. What Is This All About?

    With the engine mount's you look for small crack's or play. To find out if there is any play you can try and look for a clear gap in the mount's, or get someone else to rev the engine gently and look for any obvious wobble that may look a little extreme. Also one favourite is crap petrol. I was using Tesco Momentum 99octane until I drained some and saw the crap that was in it. Was giving mine a little cough but affecting performance big time. I know it's dearer but I changed to Shell V-power. Cough disappeared after 2 tank's full. Will never use any other now. You could also use a pry bar or Crowbar to rock the engine mounts to see if there is any play. Without seeing it the only other thing could me a blockage in the fuel inlet somewhere. That one won't be easy to find tough. My advice is check the mount's, change the fuel and give it a good long run to see if you can blow anything through. Let me know what happen's mate and I will try to help. Good luck!
  4. If the fans have failed that could have been your heat warning mate. Does sound like it blew the head due to over heating over time.
  5. What Is This All About?

    If you bounce on the clutch mate your putting all that pressure on tiny teeth on the spline. Don't drop it straight out. Find your happy rev limit and blend it. In other words so you are slipping the clutch but just a little. Also short shifting may help. Top of the rev limit to change is not always quick. What BHP are you running mate? Also check the engine mounts at that mileage. Crack's, sign's of wear! Bad mount's can see an engine sign out. One more mate. Are you running a standard clutch? Let me know and I will help if I can.
  6. Manual

    I have looked but I know what you mean, Subaru's price requires a second mortgage!
  7. Manual

    Hi everyone. Has anybody got any idea where I can get a printed workshop manual for the Hawkeye? I really don't want to spend the next month downloading and printing!
  8. Untitled Album