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  1. Hi paul yes I did it was gathering dust in the barn!,, brian Downie has it for sale on his website!!!
  2. Hi gents finally got round to cleaning her today, its my 7th subaru (bought her 5 months ago in standard form) Had all the following work carried out at Brian Downies Boost Gauge with Pillar mount Uprated Plugs Turbo XS DV GGR 3" turbo back exhaust Uprated Fuel Pump KNN Pannel Filter Zen Remap Zun Grill HT Autos Splitter STI Mud Flaps New Gloss Black wheel + Tyres hope you like!! :norty: still a big list of mods/improvements to do I will keep you all updated!!!
  3. That's good to know davey my car in at brian downie at the moment getting a whole host of mods carried out, its the first time I have used him, will let you know how it all goes!!! Back on post I would like the whiteline kit too! rear arb and anti lift kit any ideas on cost inc fitting?..
  4. Thefastone agreed I haven't either but people in the rally world have mentioned them!!
  5. Looks good where did you take the pics???
  6. Second Ian grieves great bunch of guys and easy to deal with!!!
  7. Hello everyone new to sidc been hiding on scoobynet wr1oc & rb320oc for the last 10 years!! Am on my 7th scooby now and still loving it!!! Heard great things about this club!!!
  8. Hello all new ti sidc !! On my 7th scooby!!!
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