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  1. Wow. Blew some spiderwebs away. My name is Zeo and I own an electric car now!
  2. Back in the UK but I am burning the black stuff in a RWD Panzerwagon.
  3. Still no one about eh? Anyone got a cheap car for sale?
  4. Hey. It is hard work building momentum! Anyway me and Mrs Z are in Thailand this week while I handle some nukes. No scoops spotted here at all.
  5. drb5...Congratz. I am on grandchildren now. Got 4 of them! beastie...My company are the same although we managed to complicate things by trying (and failing) to acquire a competitor. Hoping to drag out my time to 25 years but I reckon it is 50/50 unless oil manages to hold on. I had heard Perth (OZ) has been devastated over the last year.
  6. Not too bad DRB5. (Jeez you have dragged me back). How is business? The oil industry is bottomed out I hope and I will have to deal with influx of fresh faced newcomers in coming months. If note I will join the others on the dole. Hey beastie. I had heard life in Russia was difficult for Brits and Yanks these days and I know a few who have had to leave. I have driven the 2015 Mustang V* and the 4 pot turbo. I would go for the turbo here in the UK. Much better mileage and not a great deal of difference for grin factor. I still miss my GB270 though.
  7. I am sweeping away the tumbleweeds as I write here. Now domiciled in Singapore where I teach non-existent students about an industry that doesn't exist anymore. I sold the 'Stang and the man gave me a 1.5l Mazda 3 for the dailly commute through the 250cc Malaysian motGP. Lots of Scoobs here and many have body mods which is brave considering the price of cars and the cost of motoring here. So where are you ScottishScoobs? Do any of the old guard have a Scoob?
  8. A lot of Scoobies have passed under the overpass since that epic weekend. How many participants are still on here? How many still have Scoobs? I have a Mazda 3 now
  9. Unfortunately I will be in Singapore. Looks like a great event. i hope the club will be well represented.
  10. For oneupmanship is it stumpystumpy? The one in the pic is a 4.6.
  11. Who else is at work with a Gahering/McRae/If in doubt shirt on?
  12. I drive smooth and careful as befitting a man of my advanced years stumpx2. A V8 rumble is a fair reward for 2500 rpms at the cruising speed of 65mph when I commute down 59 to work where lecture and pontificate for money. A far cry from the smoking clutches and burning rubber of the gravity challenging Scoob days. I won't be shuffling but rolling off this mortal coil.
  13. Well I haven't been in the USA for 2 weeks as I am working in Singapore at the moment. Hope the 'Stang is nice and cosy in the garaaaage. Mustangs are ok but they are not the speed machines that they have the rep for. Comfortable and fast though. Absolutely pants in the snow.
  14. Y'all having a party without me?
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