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  1. Welcome along. McTwistUK is your closest regional organisor (Glasgow) so keep a look out for his posts regarding meets, there is an event at the Riverside Museum on the 20th I believe. Have a look in events. Mind the pics.
  2. I remember 10-11 years ago i had my super tuned mondeo with custom twin exits and the like, no one could touch it, even my bosses tuned mr2 g limited, it was something special. Then came mint a mint escort that my dad and i fixed up when a diddy hit my mondeo, at a red light going 60. That again although not as fast and responsive as my mondeo kicked ass. Traded that for a 3 series, which was the business, fast, clean and fast lol. Although not really interested in the cruise scene up here as is still populated by 1 litre wanabees with Halfords sport badges, my cars have always been more than capable in the early years to merit the many club invites i received. Gone, perhaps, are the days of fast and the furious stereotypes that people want to add crap and imitate rather than add power and prove. Although its all about the drivers/ cars / personas instead of a tack on neon. Subaru and dare i day it mitsubishi/ other performance brands/ models are league's ahead of the generic 1.2/ 1.6 SRI or laterly the ST/ VXR that push the boundaries of standard productions to try and achieve close to basic spec for us, makes our clubs that little bit special. In conclusion now car clubs are perhaps more focused to love, power and perfection as opposed to love and double sided tape, the pre 1990s cars however are something else.
  3. Welcome, love the colour, enjoy the run on Sunday
  4. As I said the funds may not be cleared for them to allow refunds, immediately. I would always escalate to a claim after any issue not to my satisfaction after the initial resolution proposal.
  5. Worth noting the funds are only transferred into your account once PayPal have cleared them, in short scale resolutions, this will be delayed 48 hours
  6. PayPal may hold your money till they receive it from your bank for the initial payment then refund. You are obliged to pay postage to return the item as its separate from any sales price. Maybe you can come to an agreement. What did you buy?
  7. Oh well, there must be reasons for it either its been requested back or its tenure is up. No point in us going then, might as well have a meet at Machargs
  8. A mixture of meguirs, auto glym for the basic wash
  9. Was my wife who seen it as was same as ours, you should def come for a run, were local to Asda.
  10. Welcome along, you should post up some pics, where on the east coast are you
  11. Seems like too much effort, don't understand why you cant start a poll on our normal pics
  12. i certainly would too, i have a massive respect for colins achievements, proud to be a fellow scot and recognise his importance. It doesn't change how i feel tho. And my comment was after no reaction other than for people to perhaps spare a thought or pray for all involved
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