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  1. cheers.. lets hope it is the bloody boot then!! lol will av to wait til the morning to do anything now, has pi**ed me rite off mate!!
  2. Not sure mate, it was my mum that answered the fone when they called and she just said "inner driveshaft" if it is the actually driveshaft guessing thats quite painfull?
  3. My X reg Subaru Impreza Sport has jst failed the MOT on the "inner driveshaft" dont suppose anyone can tell me what that means and any idea on how much this might cost to get sorted? Thanks
  4. how do i upload pics onto here from photobucket? have tried copy & pasteing the codes into the image inserter but it doesnt work
  5. ok. will do that cheers. im in essex mate, u?
  6. Hi all.. I have just joined so thought id say hello to everyone. if someone can tell me how to upload pics i will put a few on here Rich
  7. Hi all.. I have an X reg Impreza Sport (cant afford the insurance for a turbo yet) and im wondering if anyone can give me any tips that i can get a little bit more out of it, iv had the car for about 6 months now and absolutely love the way it drives but just want a little more poke. any hints appreciated! thanks rich
  8. Hi all... I have only just joined, I have a X reg Impreza Sport, will get some pics up as soon as i can Rich
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