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  1. Sounds like you had a great time, i went 2 years ago in my R32 and loved it would love to go again and take the scoob....
  2. As already said its been a cracking day all round and a first time out for me with sidc so cheers for making me and my cuz welcome. Was great to see all the Scoobies in line and it made my day to see us all in the "executive parking at the pub" it gave the locals something to talk about haha. I've got afew pics from today so will post them in here later when I get a chance! Cheers Nick
  3. Looks like its going to be a nice day for a drive :-)
  4. Managed to get mine cleaned today so should be looking good for tomorrow, really looking forward to this !
  5. Yeh yeh i believe ya! The offer of chip bitties still stands just excuse the road works outside they are not pretty !!
  6. I've got my caliper sorted today bought a seal kit and got my hands dirty and it's sweet so count me in as a definite with a plus 1 too. Cheers
  7. This is not looking too good for me at the moment, just had a new up pipe fitted at scooby clinic yesterday and now one of my front calipers is sticking on which has caused the discs to warp, I might be picking up some second hand calipers discs and pads on Thursday so depends if I get them fitted in time or not ! Also my mate starsky who is on the list is going to have to drop out as his hawkeyes engine Is knackered, not having much luck at the minute between us ! I'll keep you posted
  8. Sounds like a plan to me Been in the pub just over a year now and not had any car meets up there yet so would be nice to see a selection of scoobies gracing the car park
  9. Can you add me to the list sounds like a good day out and a chance to meet you all, i live at the fox and hounds pub at marsh lane eckington S21 5RH if you want to use this as a stop off at the end of the run, we do a nice sunday dinner and have a play area for the kids, my wife will put on some free chip butties if people prefer. The carpark is fairly big but does get busy on sundays depending what time we would get back. Just thought i would offer anyway but either way i will be on the run :-) Trying to get my mates to come too but i will update when i know for sure if he will make it.
  10. Nice list, would like to do the peak district run and prodrive factory if i get the chance.
  11. Well i picked the car up from Mark on friday top bloke and the car really is a credit to him so cheers Mark Anyway stopped on the way home for a couple of pics with the wifes A4....
  12. Well today is the day ! Should be picking the scoob up around 5pm tonight, excited is an understatement!!
  13. Thanks for the welcomes guys cant wait to pick it up !
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