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  1. Sidc Track Day 28Th

    Anyone from Dundee heading to the track day at knockhill on the 28th? Looking to get a part up to dundee/Broughty ferry area. Cheers, Johnny.
  2. Bought Back My Old Car

    Very nice mate. Did you change the wheel colour? Johnny
  3. Rip Grovit

    Very sad news. I met Chris a few times. He was a very nice bloke who loved to chat about cars. RIP to him and his son. Johnny.
  4. I bought my first scoob after a bit of researching. I had just got rid of a series 2 rs turbo and was thinking about a cosworth. I wanted an escort cossie but they were very expensive and i realised i couldn't use it as an everyday car and most i looked at had at least 1 engine rebuild and a few had pretty bad rust issues. A mate had a uk classic scoob and i knew that could be used every day as well as a toyota supra turbo. So i started looking for either. I had a guy from an old company JVS (japanese vehicle sourcing) in edinburgh looking out for one in japan. The supras were more expensive so for the money i could get a better condition scoob. The one he had already brought in came up for sale on here. So i bought it. The car... I had this car for around 8 years. In all that time including track days, crail days and runs it never let me down. Things broke, sure, but it never stopped running. The best break i remember was on the way to Playsatans i was driving it really hard down my local back road and started hearing a squeal. So i booted it to see if it went away which it didn't (not the recommended procedure). On arrival at Playsatan's i opened the bonnet to see one of the timing belt idlers poking through the cambelt cover. The wee beast still ran all the way there at full boost with a snapped idler bolt. After that car went i was looking at either a newage, evo7 or 8 or a type r. After looking at a few i ended up with this... I got this in N.I. for a very good price. It looks like the owner who had it before the boy i bought it from looked after it. Then the boy i bought it from ran it into the ground. So it's a good car underneath and i'll get it into a good car all round. Everytime i look at it my jobs just seem to increase but it will get there. (Unless i sell it for a 911). Johnny.
  5. Has Anyone Heard?

    His car at Banbury. On the way down he took a wrong turn and had about a dozen cars following him. When he realised he was going the wrong way he put the boot down and left them standing. You can imagine their looks when they see him flying up the opposite carridgeway without them...lol It's the one on the right. Johnny.
  6. Has Anyone Heard?

    Absolutely tragic news. The man was a legend and a nutter. R.I.P Higgy. Johnny.
  7. Side Skirt Fastners

    Cheers Don, those may work. Some asshole self tappered them on so i'm putting them right. Cammy kindly welded up the self tapped holes. I just need to get the clips now to refit. johnny
  8. Side Skirt Fastners

    Does anyone know where (apart from dealer)you can get the plastic clips that hold the side skirts on? It's the clips in the sill that the screws go into. Cheers, johnny.
  9. Maf Sensor Lasts 4 Weeks

    I tried to get his car on but as he's not a paid up member he can't bring it. I was thinking about bringing it but don't know if that would be allowed and still to see if i'm able to go. johnny
  10. Track Car

    I wouldn't worry about the door cards to sart with Neil. They don't weigh much as is. Use the money, as everyone says on brakes suspension and tyres to start with. If i keep mine i'll use new age brembos as they are probably the best upgrade value for money wise. Oh, the sound deadening behind the dash is bloody heavy. johnny
  11. Maf Sensor Lasts 4 Weeks

    Follow this.. http://www.scoobypedia.co.uk/index.php/Knowledge/ECUReset Or disconnect the battery overnight. it won't affect the map.
  12. Maf Sensor Lasts 4 Weeks

    Your maf won't go just because you change fuels. That has nothing to do with the maf. It may not run nice on other fuels but it shouldn't affect the maf. I run my car on vpower and have never had an issue. My maf has lasted years and still going strong. What air filter are you using? cheaper ind. kits wreck mafs. It sounds as if something else is wrong. Have you tried resetting the ecu? johnny
  13. Hi mate. I sure do. I'm obviously back now so we can arrange some time for me to pick it up.

    I'm working this wekend but i'm free next friday,saturday and sunday if that helps.


  14. Hi Johnny you still wanting this spoiler - can you let me know cheers Alex

  15. Kames Photos

    Glad i managed to get the day off work and pop along for a bit. great to catch up with some old faces and meet some new guy (to me anyway as i've not been to a meet for a few years. Hopefully by the next one i'll have my car looking a bit better and maybe get out on track. Johnny.