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  1. Hi, Hope this doesn't upset anyone but I just wanted to flag up here that I have listed a number of sets of STi wheels and tyres in the For Sale section, preferably for collection from Kinross. Hoping these might be of some interest to someone fairly local. By the way, when did the Scottish Scoobies For Sale section get discontinued? Regards, Ian
  2. I got 225/45/R17 94V Toyo Snowprox 950s for £77+VAT each = £354.20 at the old 15% VAT rate. However, I think that this was probably last year's price, as they were in stock from them. The problem at the moment seems to be finding stock (like salt, shovels & sledges)!
  3. After thinking about this for the last 3 years, I finally decided to go for a set of winter tyres and managed to get a set of Toyo Snowprox 950s, from Ronnie at Wheels Around, just before Christmas. I have been very pleased with them so far, particularly in snow and slush, as they make the car feel much more sure-footed. They have kept me moving (and stopping) when lots of others have just been slipping and sliding around. I think that the 950s have probably been replaced by the 952s, but they were available in stock locally and have been of the car when I actually needed them most. They are a
  4. Wee Jock, I looked into this when I first got my car, as I wanted to change the bulbs to something a bit more blue to match the HID dipped beam. Apparently, you have to separate the clear plastic lens from the main unit by heating the seal with a hairdrier. You then have to be very sure that you get it all sealed up again after changing the bulbs. The manual says to take it to the dealer to change the front bulbs. I never did get around to changing mine. Maybe one day ... Regards, Ian
  5. Hi, I tried a set of the expensive Piaa Silicone wipes a couple of years ago but wasn't that impressed with them considering the price (nearly £40). I have just replaced them with a set of Aero Tech spoiler type blades on and am very pleased with them so far, very smooth & quiet at speed. At only £7.90 (on eBay), compared to £30+ from Subaru, they are much better value, even if they have to be replaced every year. Ian
  6. BMWhere? - Thanks for that. I had actually read all of your various crusading posts on the subject before deciding to go ahead & get them. It was really just a coincidence that these are V rated, but it is probably better for the driving that I will do on them. Relatively little of it is likely to be on snow, but they will hopefully be significantly benefit in the cold & wet anyway. I would anticipate switching back to my summer tyres & wheels just after the clocks change. Ian
  7. After slithering around on part-worn RE070s since last Thursday, I finally decided to get myself a set of winter tyres. Luckily for me Ronnie Thom (Wheels Around) just happened to have a set of 4 Toyo Snowprox 950s in the right size. These were fitted this morning but I haven't had much of a chance to test them out in the snow yet. Has anyone encountered any sort of problems in using winter tyres like these? I obviously don't expect them to grip like the RE070s during a dry summer. These are 225/45 R17 94V, rather than the more usual, slower H rating. Ian
  8. Hi, I have found that too. I generally have to add at least 1 litre between services. Ian
  9. Col, Where & when will this transfer be taking place? I just wondered if I might be able to see it from the south side of the Forth. I can see your big blue & red rig through my telescope at the moment. Regards, Ian
  10. Frank, I can't believe that I've not seen you around yet. Pav, I'm just back from looking at houses in Dalkeith! Regards, Ian
  11. Pav, Yes, that's my black STi that is sometimes in the car park. I liked the look of your WR1. I was tempted by one a few years ago, but held onto my classic until I got this one. Are you around Musselburgh much? There don't seem to be too many around here. Regards, Ian
  12. As above, Silver STi, presumably from Motorpoint, judging by reg no, like mine. Ian
  13. Just noticed a knocking from the nearside rear this afternoon. What age are the cars whose have failed? Mine is an MY06 STi. Regards, Ian
  14. And I haven't seen yours. Did I read somewhere you had changed it?
  15. As above, passing Shell station about 3:15 pm this afternoon. Didn't have time to look for SIDC stickers. On here? Local? Ian
  16. I would also suggest that you try Ronnie of Wheels Around (who does the tyres at SIDC track days). He has supplied me with 16" T1Ss and T1Rs at very competitive prices in the past. He is based in Auchterarder and his mobile no. is 07711 577148. Ian
  17. I have Defis on a standard newage STi. Oil temp shows about 90 with moderate/town use, 100 with hard/fast driving and 110 at Knockhill. Oil pressure just above 6 under power and about 2 at idle. Ian
  18. I have had both on my MY99 classic turbo and would have to agree with COLZO. I didn't really notice much difference in grip between the two, but didn't have it long enough to wear out the T1Rs. I would say that neither were as good as Bridgestone SO2s, which I found to be excellent, but are no longer available. Ian
  19. I used an outfit called Vehtech (found them on the net) to fit an alarm & tracker. They had a good deal on the tracker & sub at the time & the alarm was reasonable. They sent a guy to the house & he was very careful & did a good job. This is important, given how much of the car is dismantled in the process. Ian
  20. You can also fit roof rack bars to take bike carriers. Thule do a modular system where you buy the bars, foot pack and fitting kit separately. This means you can swap it from car to car at minimum cost. I only had to buy a new fitting kit (£20) to swap mine over from my classic to a newage. I therefore have a classic fitting kit available if someone needs it to go with bars & foot pack. This saves you drilling holes to mount a tow bar if you don't actually need it for towing anything. I also prefer having bikes up on the roof out of the way, but that's a personal thing. Ian
  21. I had a brilliant holiday on Cayo Guilermo which is the next island to the west, linked by a bridge. The "Jungle Tour" is an absolute must and was great value when I was there a few years ago. You have a blast in convoy through the mangrove swamps in your own 2-seater speedboat (40HP). They take pictures of you just after starting off and sell them to you at the end ($5). You then spend about 1/2 hour snorkelling along a channel & back which is full of multicoloured fish & a few lobsters. You then blast back to base in convoy in your speedboat. You get to keep your snorkel as a souvene
  22. I average 18 mpg in my standard MY06 STi in "normal" use. I have had up to 22 mpg on a couple of slower runs. I get less than 10 mpg at Knockhill! Ian
  23. I got one of these on Saturday evening and was concerned about the sidc.co.uk at the start of the link address. I was going to pass it on to Andy. Has anyone done this already? Ian
  24. Hi Barry, Will keep a look out for you when I am around the Fife area. I ran a dark blue MY99 classic for 8 years. Ian
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