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  1. im still here and still have my old ra too. tho i am not posting as much
  2. the hks is a brilliant one but expensive. me personaly love the twin trumpet turbo smart mega sonic bov.. up there with the hks plus very adjustable to your needs and about half the cost of a genuine hks
  3. its not what i want lol its more of what its worth. i know i wont get back what ive put in to it just wondered what the value is
  4. i am a member on there already but thought i would try a non biased approach first lol
  5. just out of curiosity . are early type ra's going up in value? been toying with the idea of selling mine for a while tho there is a great sentimental value to me in this car but also told genuine 559 red ra's are very rare. anyone shed some light on this? mine is a my95 wrx type ra in 559 red i love the car to bits and its was my first scooby too but not sure wether to sell her and get something else. just to add mine is in the middle of being rebuilt as we speak....... a year in and think im just over half way now..... just after some outside thoughts on the ra's tho
  6. yeah. just had update on the engine for the ra but will start a new thread on that subject
  7. well as some may know my ra rebuild has turned into a bit of a farse . what started as a 6 mth project is now into its 14 mth and still not finished. this is the first yr in 26 yrs of driving ive not had a car on the road or done meets or shows. after the latest debarkle with a so called ' rebuilt bottom end ' failing on me ive given up setting a time frame to finish the ra. plus have now decided that the way ra prices are going up in price and mine being a rare 559 original red one that im now going to put the body back to normal size and just slightly mod it. in the meantime ive picked up this........... uk 2000 stripped for track use and some back wood rallying. got it for a steal and goes like stink. 6 mths test still left on it . new coilovers all round . brakes disc and goodridge hoses. this is jus a pure toy lol. love it too bits plus gives me some breathing space to do the ra right
  8. tough one this. i like a pimped up wagon. they look good so if i was going to do one i would look for something like yours to start with. others will want some thing already done. you are , however , right on the ' getting thin on the ground ' bit. ive noticed this last year that classics are coming up in value for good ones as so many are being broken now. as a rule i look on ebay to see what price range they go for. then work out an average for a price for yours. are you wanting to get another scooby with more power? are you just wanting to seel to get something completly different? if you like the car then keep it if its been good to you as like you say i think they will come to be an investment in a few years more
  9. there was one at the colin mcrea weekend at knockhill. it was on a garage tall set up with a couple on brand new br and new sti. i will see if i can find the pic. they sell all kinds of performance stuff
  10. right on the fling side of mthings as dave cant do it i said i would have abash and think it will be the first weekend of june or laat one in may. nothing definit yet tho but will keep all posted on dates as soon as i have numbers of who is going
  11. happy xmas everyone. got my type ra prezzie sorted for the new year already. xmas jumpers, sock or deodarant . give me car stuff
  12. welcome along bud. nice looking motor. im not far from you and work in aberdeen. which barrats place are you in as that looks like the ones at bridge of don, but then again a lot of the sites look simular lol.. hope to see you at some of the meets. taff
  13. my list so far..... get rearshocks sorted, trouble finding replacement ones, fit new ecu, injectors and pump for mapping and now fix front kit after car slid into the back of the house on black ice in the drive after i parked it. then sat in the house and heard the thump and even with handbrake on it slid off itself!! not a happy bunny
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