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  1. Quackers to think they could look after a huge Merc!
  2. Hello. Mine's a 2015 WRX STi with minor mods.
  3. Welcome as a member! I had one of those...
  4. Hi Debs, We still miss our 06 hawk PPP!
  5. I think my classic Prodrive RB5 was probably the most raw and exhilarating of our many Subarus. Noisy, uncomfortable but somehow perfect...
  6. Don, those pics bring back so many memories. Can't believe nearly 21 years ago...
  7. First meet with Richard was a SIDC skid pan event featuring an old Sierra patrol car with a welded rear diff at Essex Police HQ at Chelmsford- scary or what, but he totally mastered it. Me, not so good. Then a friendly chat in the car park when he pointed out that the front inside tyres on the RB5 were spent. Embarrassing, but I didn't get a ticket!! He was a great character...
  8. Any old donkeys gone missing locally?
  9. Move to the USA and not only have access to Peterbilts and other similar beasts, but masses of Subarus and the strong likelyhood they will get the new STi. Also get away from the Brexit fiasco!
  10. Not quite the same, but for my 60th was treated to a session of driving a Renault tractor unit plus 40 ft tri axle trailer somewhere in Lincolnshire. Performed perfectly through the 16+? gearbox and roundabouts, but disaster at trying to reverse into tight corners. But it was pouring down and couldn't see from the mirrors (my excuse)!
  11. Hi and welcome. Good to see a rare STi variant!
  12. Very welcome and here is a photo of Richard ready to compete in one of his sprint events.
  13. Andy, if ever passing SG11 2PQ, call in for a chat and a cuppa!
  14. Can finally put this one to bed. Four wheel alignment carried out this morning at Stortford Performance Tyres and fronts found to be pointing in opposite directions! Not surprising having regard to previous info posted! Hopefully can now rest in peace, but again full marks to Cambridge Subaru for the way in which they reimbursed me for all expenses incurred for the incorrect fitting of the Eibach spring kit.
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