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  1. 2015 WRX STi

    Will be on Ross on Wye for a couple of days, but not until July! Glad you will not be losing out on the repair costs.
  2. 2015 WRX STi

    Very pleased with the H&S straight though centre section - five previous Imprezas have had their products fitted, but must admit that a wide track STi with straight through and Afterburner back box was too much for popularity in our village and probably most of east Herts! The current STi with OEM back boxes retained gives a purposeful likeable sound, without major problems in the cabin. Unlike 2.0 flat four rumble, but tick-over lovely! Are you miles away from SG11? Sorry to hear of your problems - sadly when caught, uninsured drivers get off lightly...
  3. What's happened

    Not the same day then, as I recall the RB5 was not introduced until 1999. Most embarrassing part of our day was when Richard came out to the car park to see our heavily Prodrive breathed on RB5 (385bhp) and within a short space of time pointed out that both front P-Zeros were almost devoid of inside tread. I guess that Prodrive had adjusted to excess negative camber - tyres had only done 8,000. Being told by and Essex traffic cop in the car park of Essex Police HQ was not good. However, didn't get nicked and he managed to sell us a full set of EBC grooved and cross drilled disks and pads!!
  4. What's happened

    Well, what a small world - my wife and I were there too in the RB5! If it was the same day, do you recall my wife attempting the skidpan in the ex Sierra patrol car with the welded up diff - hilarious! Kept in touch with Richard for many years who serviced and did many mods on our various Imprezas - especially upgraded brakes. His standard of workmanship was superb, but as you probably know, he was also a qualified motor engineer. Sadly lost touch since the sad loss of his wife.
  5. 2015 WRX STi

    Of course! Thanks for the vote of confidence...
  6. What's happened

    I believe that a pop at Don is rather unjustified. From a personal point of view, his knowledge, experience and and advice has been most helpful over so many years...
  7. 2015 WRX STi

    Soon to book the STi into Cambridge Subaru to have the new Eibach springs fitted - will have minor suspension adjustments dealt with when new Dunlop Sport Maxxes go on soon afterwards. Will report back with an opinion as to whether the Eibachs are as successful as the Prodrives fitted to our previous PPPs. Final mod is to have the calipers repainted in Ferrari red with Brembo decals. Have never been keen on the STi's near black alloys and black calipers! Will post an image for opinions. And that is definitely it so far as mods are concerned... Watch this space.
  8. What's happened

    Must admit, having history so many years ago to SIDC's Richard Grimes ( anyone remember him?), forums are certainly much depleted. Such a shame, but being of of certain age, I'm not into facebook, Twitter and all that. I fear that unless membership recovers and more interest, our club will disappear.
  9. Snow in north east Hertfordshire

    A good few years ago took the previous WRX PPP along one of our ungritted lanes - fine until going slower and slower. Found the the optional lower Subaru lower spoiler had attempted to act like a snow plough! Ok after employing snow shovel. Going back many years, commuted 20 miles in RWD classics - Ford Corsair 2000E, RS 2000, a couple of Scorpio Cosworths etc (sorry showing my age) and never managed to get stuck in snow. Certainly a few scary moments, but character building and excellent experience...
  10. Morning after the first 3" inches of snow this festive season, perfectly clean STi was in the garage, so decided to drive the Merc C350 AMG down to the village to pick up my newspaper. What a mistake! Rear wheel drive, 306bhp and 265 tyres don't mix! Next similar snowfall, took to the STi - would not believe the incredible traction - makes me realise why I stick to Subaru awd!
  11. 2015 WRX STi

    Sadly not, no. 25 from Ford AVO would now be worth a fortune and possibly my Scorpio Cosworth and very heavily breathed on Prodrive RB5 (about 385bhp) could attract interest. Money we spend on our passion?
  12. 2015 WRX STi

    I will try! By next insurance renewal date I will have turned 70, so may be restricted by their premium hikes. No underwriting any longer - driving high performance cars continuously since my Janspeed modified mark 1 RS2000 without a single claim counts for nothing... Happy New Year to all.
  13. 2015 WRX STi

    Unlike previous 5 Imprezas, haven't modified our latest beast. Just a Pipercross panel filter and a Haward & Scott straight through centre section that gives a great sound quite unlike our other flat fours. Wonderful tickover though! As per an earlier post now awaiting fitting of Eibach Pro spring kit. Have promised Mrs Mac that is it. Have said that before...
  14. John MacDonald

    Thanks Don. In view of cost of coilovers, have managed to source USA Eibach spring kit (not yet type approved for Europe) @ £233.00 from Eibach UK shop. I am told they are similar to Eibach kits supplied to Prodrive and should result in a more comfortable ride. Will have them fitted in the new year and will report back.
  15. WRX STi