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  1. Will keep you posted on whot I opt for cheers for the help lads
  2. Thank for the help lads hypertech is not that far from ware I stay never even Thot of them was after a exhaust for a bit more but I was told I would need it mapped for good power gains so... Thot I would see whor you lads think... Cheers agen
  3. Hi every one looking for a bit of advice on ware to go for a bit of tuning on my o4 wrx I am looking for a bit more power but don't know ware to go ore relly whot to start way I was thinking of andy forrester, but sent him a Fu emails to get prices and that.. But still no feed back eny one know of eny one good in the Glasgow area way good prices??? Thanks for your time.
  4. I have my 04 wrx in for a serves and a mot this sat mate at Ian grieves Subaru in falkirk can't whate to see how much this will be
  5. So ware do you go abut geting one of the meerkats from? I've heard of C&C my mates had a Fu dun there,
  6. I am looking to upgrade my exhaust for a bit More power but don't know whit to get, its my ever day car to so... Can yous help I was thinking HKS hi-power whot do yous think it's a 04 wrx I have..
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