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  1. I'm slowly tidying up the Impreza and have turned my attention to the engine bay. There are lots of fasteners, clips and such like that are either rusty, broken or missing - includes the rusty battery securing clamp. What I could do with is an hour rumaging around a breaker with me spanners, local to Gatwick. I'll give a few quid for the opportunity too. Any advice? Would other model years yield equivalent bits? Paul
  2. And I luv it luv it to pieces. Got a little bit of cash to splash so looking for HID headlight conversion kit. Paul
  3. Thanks every one.! Pix -I'll try. Pau
  4. I got into Imprezas by chance and got a 51 plate Bug Eye PPP. I love it. One thing you need to work out is spend. If it's bangs for bucks then a Hawkeye with plenty of mods might suit. Newer WRX, Bug or Blob will cost more, maybe have less mileage but mods will load the price. 'spose that's bleeding obvious, but worth thinking about in case. Good luck with what ever you get and be prepared for smile muscle fatigue! Paul
  5. First post so if I don't know the protocols, let me know. I swapped from Swiftcover when they jacked the premium despite adding another years NCB. I was recommended to Keith Michaels and I have to say I was imprezed. It's a small company and there's one guy who really knows the market when it comes to Subaru. In other words make sure you speak to him! He saved me a considerable amount but when the policy docs came I'm with Norwich Union which is nice. Just to be sure; I have no connection with any part of the insurance industry. Paul
  6. OK, let me just push the tartan blanket off me legs so I can get at the confuser. Just about to turn 58 body wise and 28 head wise. I've had a New Age WRX PPP for about two & a half years but just come across this club which I've just joined. It looks good and I can't wait to jump in. I've got plans for some work to bring it back up to scratch; rusty bits in engine, milky headlights, cracked wheel arch inserts and side skirts. I live in East Sussex just north of Brighton (off to watch the V & V Car run at Cuckfield tomorrow) and work near Gatport Airwick, so my commute is through the Ashdown Forest and always a pleasure. So, hello and thanks for having me on here. Paul
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