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  1. benedwards64

    Screeching noise on start up

    Funnily enough, mine was doing this recently, Had a new belt fitted at service around six months ago, and over the last couple of weeks it has been squealing on cold start-up. I removed the plastic cover over the alternator pulley, and then it's just a case of loosening the alternator retaining nut and winding in the tensioner bolt a few turns to give the belt some more tension. Was a two minute job with a 10mm and 13mm (I think, might have been 12....) socket
  2. benedwards64

    Whats The Best Track?

    Croft is an excellent track. You have to be brave to drive it fast!
  3. Could be cam-belt failure?
  4. benedwards64

    Tow-Bar For Hawk Wrx Wagon

    Looks good!
  5. benedwards64

    Tow-Bar For Hawk Wrx Wagon

    Well, had its first opportunity to prove itself at the weekend. 500kg trailer + 600kg Westfield - no problem Who says tow-cars have to be boring?
  6. benedwards64

    Tow-Bar For Hawk Wrx Wagon

    Nice work. I thought briefly about trying to get a second hand unit but probably wouldn't have got round to it! Plus this way I know it has been fitted properly, not by me
  7. benedwards64

    Tow-Bar For Hawk Wrx Wagon

    Just to update this, in case anyone is interested - I've now had a removable Witter towbar fitted:
  8. Can't help with the whereabouts, but it does at least look like it's still on the road: https://www.vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/Default.aspx
  9. benedwards64

    Tow-Bar For Hawk Wrx Wagon

    Cool. I'm picking it up from Subaru tomorrow, I'll ask what they recommend.
  10. Hi guys, One of the first things I will need to do to my WRX will be to fit a tow-bar. Internet searches reveal various types at differing prices, ideally I'm after something that won't involve any cutting of the bumper. Removable would be nice but not essential. This will be to tow a Westfield and trailer, combined weight about 900kg - probably only a handful of times a year. Any recommendations?
  11. benedwards64

    High Milage Wrx's

    Thanks guys. I figured there would be some high-milers out there This has confirmed what I thought, at least - with decent servicing and not thrashing the b cks off it, it should keep going. Most of the driving I do is a 30-mile round trip to work, which all is just cruising with a couple of bursts of dual carriageway to overtake the slow movers
  12. benedwards64

    High Milage Wrx's

    Evening all My bugeye WRX wagon tripped over to 120,000 miles today, and this got me thinking. I've had higher-milage cars before (my MR2 and Supra Turbo both had close to 140k when I sold them!) but I haven't seen many turbo Imprezas with such high mileage. In fact, a quick scout through the classifieds the other day revealed not one new-age WRX with more than 110k, apart from one which had 149k but had a replacement engine. So has anyone managed a decent high milage on a WRX? Is the knocking big-end bearing problem really that prominent on high-milage Imprezas? My car is completely standard apart from a decat pipe and Prodrive exhaust. It seems to have been looked after by all of its previous owners, but it has been driven hard - do I need to start worrying about the longevity of my engine or can I be confident it'll last another 10-20k before I move it on? Any opinions or experiences would be welcome!
  13. benedwards64

    Lowering springs for bug-eye WRX wagon

    Thanks Nev, good tip. Sounds like FB Tuning aren't far away so I'll give Rich a shout when the time comes
  14. benedwards64

    Lowering springs for bug-eye WRX wagon

    That's great, thanks for the info. Looks like i'm not far from a suitable specialist so I'll have a word when the time comes. Unfortunately it looks like it'll have to wait a couple of months before finances will allow, but good to have confirmation that the Einach springs work with standard shocks
  15. benedwards64

    Lowering springs for bug-eye WRX wagon

    Thanks for the detailed reply Nev, that's exactly what I was after! Looking through the options it looks like these are the correct ones for my 2002 wagon: http://www.europerformance.co.uk/pages/products/product_info.mhtml?product=555575699 The drop specified is 25r/30f though - is this the same kit you had? If it is, it sounds like this is the way I'll want to go. I like the way your wagon sits, and I'm assuming the lower ride height and slightly stiffer springs will combat the excessive bodyroll of the standard setup without sacrificing too much ride quality. A friend of mine has Eibach springs on her Focus ST and I really like them, so I imagine the setup will be fairly similar for the Impreza. I'll probably take a chance that my standard shocks will be OK with these - like I said, they've all been replaced recently and it doesn't sound like these springs are too short or stiff for them to cope with. Apart from the camber bolts, I can't think of anything else I'll need. One last question - can you tell me where you purchased your spring kit from? I always prefer to go on recommendations if I can