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  1. Good evening, Anyone have any previous experience of getting magnesium alloy wheels X-rayed?
  2. SportShift WRX saloon After a 4 year hunt, I found one already in the UK that was the right colour and not in Aberdeen. These are unicorn rare, I'm not a fan of bugs but the only ever example I've seen in blob form was on http://www.zerotohundred.com/newforums/cars-for-sale/236829-subaru-wrx-version-8-tiptronic.html in KL So, with this factory made SportShift JDM WRX saloon coming up for sale late last year (and only months after buying a wagon variant to cannibalise) I decided that at £3500 the bought not built approach would be a better prospect. It was originally listed for £4700 on Autotrader but kept getting reduced until it fell to the magic number whereby cannibalising the SportShift Wagon into a newage shell would have cost more than owning both, so my brother-in-law kindly collected it for me on Nov 5th from Hertfordshire on his way home from work. First mods were organised asap Get my plate off retention and swap wheels over from the bug wagon... Bought an STi rear bench and door cards for it off a breaker on s/net trader section (need a hand to fit if anyone would be so kind) Then bought a turbo-back exhaust system off StoneJedi for £300 and had Slowboy racing do an oil change and fit it ready for JGM to map it at SRR on Feb 5th, the oem pipe was so normal car sounding it could have been a mondeo firing up if you shut your eyes. Certainly sounds more SUBARU now it has an Afterburner Vortex and Prodrive Performance cat fitted. Remapping of my SportShift automatic Subaru Impreza, a 2001 JDM WRX remapped by JGM at Surrey Rolling Road on Feb 5th 2014 when it was still in Surrey. Remap footage Modifications: Decat up-pipe 4" angled vortex afterburner tailpipe with 2.5" straight through centre and Prodrive performance cat STi intercooler (Purchased from and fitted by Moley ) The calculations for transmission loss are set up for manuals on the rollers and the transmission loss maths for autos are different, so although the graphs of truth show 265.3 hp both Charlie and Simon estimate it's actually putting out 280 since remap, maybe this is why the yanks favour whp readings? JGM http://www.jollygreenmonster.com/ SRR http://www.surreyrollingroad.co.uk/ SS http://www.surreyscoobies.co.uk/ SES http://www.southeastscoobies.co.uk/
  3. Anyone Live Near Wishaw?

    I have one... Go on, find a WR Blue saloon turbo automatic for me, rare as rocking horse poop here, and £6k to import a bugeye...
  4. Anyone Live Near Wishaw?

    It's an R sport
  5. Anyone Live Near Wishaw?

    Cheers gents PM'd ps. funny how the swear filter replaces typical abbreviations with fibs about goats!
  6. Anyone Live Near Wishaw?

    Anyone live near Wishaw? I'm interested in a car, but I'm in South London. Possible reconnaissance requested. Cheers in anticipation
  7. London a Scooby free zone?

    I go to either East India dock or Holborn every week for shift work. WRX Wagon auto
  8. Picked up my WRX Wagon yesterday from Neil@slowboy (Of Jura fame) Car smells much fresher now the weeping rocker cover gaskets have been replaced no more need to drive around with recirc. air on! Fitted Doobs Scoob's old suspension so now it all sits level. Previously the fronts were GL and rears were STi on Tein springs... (had to sell BC Coilovers - too harsh) Neil also sorted my buggered droplinks which were making a shed load of racket. Oh and I also now don't have a squeeky left rear wheel. Top work - many thanks. Now all I need to do is get a restrictor pill and get Neil to sell me a saloon shell he has.
  9. Aberdeen Scoobies - Account Suspended

    Davey could you perhaps nudge an admin on there for me please? I think of my account is not approved within a short timeframe it gets removed.
  10. Aberdeen Scoobies - Account Suspended

    Thanks, yeah can't see that
  11. Aberdeen Scoobies - Account Suspended

    Is this the correct URL? http://aberdeenscoobies.invisionzone.com/ Signed up but can't find the Newbies section to post in...
  12. Grey or Grey