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  1. Well I am on 5 subaru forms and this was he first one that I joined and payed for a membership was told to come on hear from Gavin from Ian grieves when I purchase bryan m red sti hatch when I joined about 5 people seid hello and that was it seen you's did track days at knockhill so came down from north off aberdeen and no one even Spock to me Then I found out about ss.net interjused my self and had 5 pages off hellows back lot off nice people over there went down to a meet at knockhill and the one off the boys interjused me to every one made me feel welcome I have been piping on and off hear all the time been tempted to one off your track days so I desided befor doing s track day I would go to the highland fling this'd year got up to Inverness and all you boys were there and no one even seid hello so I went home It would be good if all the subaru clubs in Scotland could get together and do meets track days together Alan
  2. Good right up I am looking for the right car to do the same with
  3. pm me where about and i will let you no alan
  4. i am up for it but i cant say till last min as dont no if i will be home or not alan
  5. i have a Subaru one fitted to my sti hatch and when it is off you don't see anything the electrics is mounted on a pivot joint so you turn it down when you wont them then turn them back when you don't and you cast see the think it was about 500£ to get it fitted
  6. did find this on the net http://www.bikes-n-spikes.org/sti/int/logo.html
  7. yes it is brians old car and i am loving it to bits
  8. ok is there any particular type off spray pant you need
  9. hello i have seen some Subaru with lick sti or prodrive on there intercooler is this just a cover or is it panted on where is best to get one alan
  10. hello i am alan just got my first sti you may have seen it before I know it was one-off the moderators on her so will have lots off q to ask alan
  11. yes she is cant wait to get her home
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