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  1. Boyndie Sprint

    i am going to pop up for a look
  2. Boyndie Sprint 5Th-6Th July

    if i am at home will try and pop up and say hello
  3. Mad Scoobies - Boyndie Pt 1.5

    If I am at home I will pop along
  4. What Do .net Do Differently?

    Well I am on 5 subaru forms and this was he first one that I joined and payed for a membership was told to come on hear from Gavin from Ian grieves when I purchase bryan m red sti hatch when I joined about 5 people seid hello and that was it seen you's did track days at knockhill so came down from north off aberdeen and no one even Spock to me Then I found out about ss.net interjused my self and had 5 pages off hellows back lot off nice people over there went down to a meet at knockhill and the one off the boys interjused me to every one made me feel welcome I have been piping on and off hear all the time been tempted to one off your track days so I desided befor doing s track day I would go to the highland fling this'd year got up to Inverness and all you boys were there and no one even seid hello so I went home It would be good if all the subaru clubs in Scotland could get together and do meets track days together Alan
  5. Best Shot Of Your Pride And Joy

    My best one off the hatch
  6. Budget Track Car

    Good right up I am looking for the right car to do the same with
  7. Highland Fling 2013, 26Th - 28Th April

    1. scooby222 (with impreza this year....) - Booked 2. ScoUK +1 - Saturday Booked 3. StrikE - Friday Booked 4. Corsa & Mrs Corsa------ Friday and Saturday booked, the room with the sea view and sauna ;-) Booked 5. lewisscoob - booked sat night. will drive up from aberdeen sat morn. Booked 6. scottishtaffy and mrs booked sat nite, fri tba, might come up with dave and lynne Booked 7. DaveylWRX and the wench - Saturday night booked.... might head over Saturday morning if anyone wants to convoy in from Aberdeen/Moray Booked 8. Mr & Mrs badbaz - Booked 9. Midnight21-booked Friday and Saturday too Booked 10.ScoobieFloz 11.wrx kenny +1 Booked 12.highlandflyer +1 Ullapool Booked 13.ChrisWoodhouse + mrs 14. NKWRX(Friday night and Saturday night Booked) 15. BrianM + Mrs BrianM (Sat Booked) 16. forbesbarry + 1 17. G1983 + Mrs G1983 - Booked 18. Frenchy (Friday Booked - pending holiday sign off from work) 19. Sti and - Fri & Sat booked 20. Don (Friday,Saturday and Sunday Booked) 21. Phil The Horn + 1 22. Dave1965 +1 (Booked Friday atm) 23. Kennyuk300 (Booked) 24. thebigfelly + misus bigfelly - Fri/Sat night. Booked 25. BallSistic 26. MuffinMan + misses - Saturday night and Sunday drive Booked 27. JamesM (Booked both nights) 28. Hoss, - Booked Saturday night 29. Kev Bruce + misses 30. PhilMC & 1 - Saturday Booked 31. Gumball.............400bhp Focus RS...............bitches 32. Bryan d + missus - Fri & Sat Booked 34. Burnett (if still at home)
  8. Mad Scoobies At Boyndie

    I would pop along if I am home
  9. Specialists in Aberdeen

    pm me where about and i will let you no alan
  10. SIDC trackday - 17th September

    i am up for it but i cant say till last min as dont no if i will be home or not alan
  11. Which tow bar?

    i have a Subaru one fitted to my sti hatch and when it is off you don't see anything the electrics is mounted on a pivot joint so you turn it down when you wont them then turn them back when you don't and you cast see the think it was about 500£ to get it fitted
  12. intercooler

    did find this on the net http://www.bikes-n-spikes.org/sti/int/logo.html
  13. im new and first sti

    yes it is brians old car and i am loving it to bits
  14. intercooler

    ok is there any particular type off spray pant you need
  15. im new and first sti

    and my last car