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  1. Love the way my name is dragged into it.
  2. Either Arden Bridge Services at redditch (Paul) or Thwaites Developements Warwick (Mark)
  3. Welcome along. Where in the midlands are you from? Keep an eye on the midlands section for details on local events
  4. Hi and welcome along. Unfortunately you fall into mine and Rachels trapment area. (friendly midlands region). Where abouts in warks are you? Im Stratford so quite close if you fancy random drives out as well as our monthly meets. The numbers are slowly starting to build up locally so we may even start a mini meet locally as well.
  5. Goofy


    Got your email. I will post out tomorrow.
  6. Goofy


    Send me your address via pm and ill get some in the post to you. Got quite a few here still
  7. Goofy

    New Midland Member

    Joff. The one thing you have never been is normal lol
  8. Hi all, whilst this year has been quite quiet for the Midlands section of SIDC so far, we want 2013 to be better than last! Behind the scenes myself and Rachel (Little Vodka Goblin) have been organising an array of events to cater for all tastes, we have tried to organise days where we can all park up, have a bit of food and a good natter as well as days that will test the friendship of a few members! To help boost attendance levels at local meets and bring in new members to the club, We have decided to open ALL of our local events to non members as well as members. This does not apply to National Events such as Japfest, Trax and Rally Day. We really want to make it clear that this is your club and your region, so if there is anything you would like to see organised on top of the below please don't hesitate to contact either of us, you can contact us at - Nick (Goofy) - nick@sidc.co.uk Rachel (Little Vodka Goblin) - Rachel@sidc.co.uk MIDLANDS 2013 CALENDAR OF EVENTS April 27th – Cobra Sport / Peak District Run May 11th Japfest, Castle Coombe June 8th/9th – BBQ / Camping Weekend @ Rutland Water July 6th/7th - Waddington Air Show August 17th/18th - Wales Run inc stop over September 8th - Trax, Silverstone September 21st - Rally Day, Castle Coombe October 19th – Greyhound Racing, Nottingham November 3rd - Firework Display December 7th - Midlands Christmas meal, Leicester.
  9. Goofy

    Hi From Stoke

    Welcome to the club. Keep an eye out. Midlands events getting posted very soon
  10. Cobra sport are a good bunch of lads. And i believe they still have discount for SIDC members.
  11. Goofy

    Scooby At Asda

    Ha ha that's just reminded me of the skegness trip
  12. Cheers guys, i saw the Halfords own ones but was unsure how good they were.
  13. My battery has been suffering a little over winter and with these last few days of cold weather has finally given up the will to live. My question is what batteries would you folks in reader land recommend.
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