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  1. Hi, First proper post after intro so though I'd ask a wee question about wiper bushings. I've had a good search on the forum and didn't turn up any results, although thats not to say it's not in there somewhere. I have a good 3" of movement in my wiper mechanism at the front, and back as it happens but the front is an immediate problem. I suspect this is fallout from the previous owner trying to wipe lots of now of the car last winter. I've looked into it and there are many forums for things like Forresters that list this specific problem, and point to a bushing kit for a cheap fix. For the life of me I don't seem to be able to find reference to this kit in the UK. Maybe I'm using the wrong names or maybe theres a much better solution available here, but I don't seem to be able to find it. So has anyone gone through this issue, and come up with an equivalent solution to the replacement bushes? Have people imported bushes from the states, or does that become a bit silly? It's a '98 Turbo 2000 Wagon. I'd appreciate anyones input. Cheers
  2. Hello folks, I recently bought a Turbo 2000 Wagon for daily commuting and family duties. Getting to enjoying it now as I slowly overcome turbo paranoia. I had a long line of turbo'd Fords in the past ( is that a boo hiss? ) so the fear of blow ups is still with me. lol I may have met a few members previously having attended an SIDC track day at Knockhill in a Lotus Elise, I go by 'Ferg' over on Scottish Elises. This is my first 4wd car and it certainly feels stuck to the road. It's standard apart from an 'Afterburner' cannon on the back. It's maybe a little loud so might look to swap it for a back box that won't hurt my kids ears on long journeys. I think the wagon might accentuate the noise in the cab a bit more too? The car was bought as a winter run around by someone I know so there wasn't much love lavished on it. I've sorted a few niggles so far and hope with a little help to sort out some more. It's fun to learn a new car, especially something so diffferent to what I've had before. Look forward to being part of the forum, Cheers Fergus
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