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  1. Might have to give the south west meet a visit if you guys fancy another subaru nutter to join in I will be heading that way mid summer
  2. Hi Simon thanks for the info ill check it out Good video looks like a good day
  3. Put my name down for it mate sounds fun Hope more people can attend. Just an idea but maybe go to Hawes from the back road out of Richmond, have a break at Hawes and then go over the buttertubs pass (one of Jeremy Clarkson's favorite driving roads) then head back over the moors and stop at tan hill - like I say just an idea but its a great road!
  4. Hope to be at the meet on 3rd June It will be good to have an SIDC meet in north east, I didnt think there was many members in the area so I also joined with TTS (tyne tees scoobeis) and NESF (north east subaru forum)....subaru fan lol! Did a rolling road day with NESF last sunday - lots of noise was made by about 20 impreza's Would be good to get some driving days organised
  5. Photo's now on photobucket there is a few albums to have a look through of the various stages http://s1258.photobucket.com/albums/ii536/mikeblobwrxsti/
  6. To follow mate it seems I have to resize all my photos to post on here
  7. Hi everyone just wondering if there is any meets in the durham or North yorkshire area? - great driving roads in North yorkshire would be good to organize something My car info
  8. Hi everyone ive been a member for almost a year now but thought it was about time to introduce myself. Ive been to a few events with mates so far with scottish scoobies which include Falkirk wheel meet last year and also Santa cruise in Glasgow. Currently living in the Darlington/North yorkshire area in the North east of england - any info on meets in or aroud the area would be much appreciated Got my first scooby in march last year - Black 55 plate blobeye STi type uk, always wanted one and tbh I wish I had got one years ago great cars. The car was standard when I got it apart from the headlights had been changed to the quad style (wasnt a fan!) got them changed to the standard type but detangoed them! It seems that I couldnt stop with just changing the lights so here is a list of all the other things ive done, picures to follow Blitz nur spec r cat back exhaust 3" - not quiet milltec 3" downpipe K&N typhoon induction kit Walbro 255 fuel pump Andy forrest stage 2 remap - now running 347 bhp at the wheels at 1.5 bar High and low boost setup Forge duel piston dump valve HSD HR coilovers Genuine STi front tob strut brace - from a bugeye import! Prodrive pff7 18" wheels in grey - summer use Standard sti wheels in gold for winter/track use!! V-ltd replica front splitter Genuine STi genome oil pressure/oil temp/boot gauges and controller - took me ages to find these! Still more to do wonder when ill stop...... Photo's now on photobucket there is a few album's to have a look through http://s1258.photobucket.com/albums/ii536/mikeblobwrxsti/
  9. really need to setup a pic description thing of mods ive done to the car so far

    1. Goofy


      im currently doing sidc spec sheets for peoples cars. If you want me to do one for you send me all the info in sections. Engine/performance, Suspension/breaks, Exterior styling, Interior styling. BHP / FTLB etc

    2. mikeblobwrxsti


      missed your reply not been on here much, are you still doing the spec sheets?

  10. well the sti is booked in to andy forrest and going for the stage/level 2 setup :D I will try to keep everone posted on how it goes but for now im looking forward to the extra power!

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