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  1. The Meat

    Linlithgow Subarus

    Nice. I will keep my eyes open for you. Can't be that many red hawks around here.
  2. The Meat

    Linlithgow Subarus

    Yeah mine is a black hawk. Give us a wave if u see me! There are a few scoobs in the area. What u driving?
  3. The Meat

    Linlithgow Subarus

    I'm in Linlithgow. We can start our own lol
  4. The Meat

    Front Lip/spoiler

    I fitted one of these on my Hawkeye nearly 2 years ago and still looks good now. No issues with quality.Easy to fit as well
  5. The Meat

    New Guy From Ireland

    Car looks amazing. Loads of great people on here to ask questions or just have a laugh with. Enjoy!
  6. Lodge on Loch Lomond is a nice place to stay then a tour round the loch would be my recommendation. Good food,good roads and good scenery. Did it myself a few months ago.
  7. The Meat

    How To Overtake Like A Boss

    Ha ha class. Drive it like you stole it son!!
  8. The Meat

    Rb320 Newbie

    Great looking car. Makes me awfy, awfy jealous!!
  9. The Meat


    I struggle with Bridgestones in any weather..... Not just snow!! Will not be buying them again!
  10. The Meat

    Hawk V Focus Rs

    I drive my hawkeye as my daily runner and have had no problems with it at all. Looks better than an RS and sounds better than an RS. No contest?
  11. The Meat

    New Member In Edinburgh

    Hi mate. Nice looking motor. Do you keep it that clean during the winter? ?
  12. The Meat


    I think that AWD makes no difference with crap tyres! I'm also running RE050's an they are deadly on snow and ice. BMW drivers are laughing at me struggling in these conditions.... ok not really but you get the picture! Will not be making the same mistake next year?
  13. The Meat

    Rear Diff Problems

    Hi mate. Welcome to the club. I'm afraid I can't offer any advice with your problem but I'm sure that someone will be along soon to help out. Lots of good advice and opinions here so enjoy!......and be prepared to get asked to post up pictures of the car by everyone?
  14. The Meat

    Piccys Of My Hawk

    Hi mate. Car looks cracking! Now I want a square plate.....but don't want the hassle from the plod!!! I wonder how strict they are.....
  15. Looks nice. I've a black hawk as well. U got plans for it?? I'm sure plenty here will offer advice!!!