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  1. If you drop the middle part of the rear seat you might be able to reach in with a long screw driver and flick the catch, Thats what ive had to do a few times when my lever sticks now and then. hope that helps mate.
  2. cheers mate nearly craped myself when it was suggested.
  3. what the chances of bottom end failure on a car under 50,000 miles and i don't hear any strange noises or anything.
  4. Thanks guys looks like i will remove and blank off the offending item and take it back up to the mapper.
  5. I have the fault codes from my code reader and they are p2432 and p1410 secondary air system and secondary air combi valve does anyone have any idea on where to go from here.
  6. Cheers for that i will get on to it asap, just hope its a simple fix. Thanks again
  7. Hi all, I went out too the garage this morning and started the car and gave it a little rev and the management light has came on, It did go off after i turned the key on and off a few times and thought that was that but when i drove down the road a bit it came back on, its a wrx with a remap. also when i checked under the bonnet i noticed i must have left the oil cap on top of the battery when i was checking the oil last week.
  8. No expence spared it said the guy done well getting all that work done for only 20 quid.
  9. cracking photos so far guys looks like the weather was kind to you as well.
  10. Great idea folks. I would be well up for that as this is my first subaru and would to learn more about fixing them myself.
  11. When i bought my wrx last year it just had the ninja back box which sounded good but for the remap i kept the back box and replaced the rest of the system for a full after burner kit from scooby world it is a lot louder but only really when you put your foot down.
  12. I thought about launch control but was scared about knackering my cluth but im well pleased with what ive got just now.
  13. Whats it like with the launch control kev, i wasn't sure if i should have got it or not.
  14. Good one mate just got mine done there last month what a difference it makes, whats the downshift throttle blip about ive not about that before.
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