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  1. Good to hear your nearly sorted. Read up the chain following from John's post though,. Seems there's quite a drain anyway when these models are standing idle. Trickle charger may be the long term prevention.
  2. 1. Fashion, and an air of " premium" that Subaru don't need. Or at one time they didn't need, maybe they think they do now? 2. American market influence rather than the original pure Japanese engineering design values I suspect. 3. And maybe influenced by the glossy car mags, you know the type ( I don't buy them anymore), whose sole purpose on earth is to sell more car mags to the public out there and sell more cars ( sponsored by and hospitality provided by SMMT ) based on the petty values in their car reviews that the majority of the public sheep these days seem to believe to be important, like premium interior feel and keyless entry - rather than real life driving ability on real A and B roads and good old solid engineering and reliability. i am sure you will agree, the younger generations are being fleeced. nevertheless, hope JSOCK gets it sorted soon and without much expense.
  3. ccrien

    2015 WRX STi Struts/Shocks

    Strange for the rack to go before the much more likely droplinks, track rod ends or even rack bushes? Think I read somewhere that the early electric driven racks on some models ( recentish legacy or forester??) suffered from a water leak that led to deterioration but I have no idea if that's the type of rack in your STi or whether that would cause the knocking ( sure Don would know). But if the knocking is sourced from the steering rack, I would describe the cause as a faulty rack rather than a worn rack, after so few miles and its age, and if I were in your shoes I would be looking for a second opinion. As well as assurances that the droplinks and all steering ancillary parts, bushes etc are fine, before considering replacing the rack.
  4. Well, just 130 miles short of 100,000 the little GX Impreza has had to have its first ever electrical type repair ( apart from the odd bulb)! OBD Fault P0032, faulty front lamda sensor. Car was still running ok except a little rich since the ECU defaulted to zero % fuel trim. Replaced easily today, less than 80 quid for an original ( correct plug etc) Denso sensor from sparkplugs.co.uk (beating £105 at ICP) so with well over a quarter of a million miles we've done between the 15 yr old forester and 13 yr old Impreza with the EJ201 motor, that's only a fuel injector, an O2 sensor and a flasher relay in terms of " electrical" failures. Fantastic.
  5. ccrien

    Smoke on tick over

    Valve stem oil seals tend to leak oil (into the cylinders) when the car is left standing overnight (or longer), and the real tell- tale for valve stem seals is a puff or small cloud of blue smoke just on starting up in the morning. Not always to the same degree or maybe not every time, but smoke on start up that soon clears is the usual sign of valve stem seals. If you haven't seen this then you can rule your valve stem seals out. Sorry I am no expert on turbo' seal diagnosis.
  6. ccrien

    Gold wheels

    Rota GRA' s are good ( but mine are steel grey). Paint finish has lasted well, both inside ( no corrosion or leaking on the tyre bead) and out. Try revolution Motorsport (revolution247 website), mail order or Gateshead workshop?
  7. Prompted by info and a good link from Don earlier this year, https://www.carsaddiction.com/articles/2018/02/abandoned-subaru-ghost-car-showroom#&gid=1&pid=1 , I happen to be staying just up the road from this abandoned Subaru dealership with a few 1990's era classics and a rare XT coupe ( pre- Impreza era). It's an amazing sight. The place was still there this morning, as it was when it was last in use ages ago. Sorry for the poor quality photos but I thought worth sharing. If you ever go to Malta it's worth looking up, it must be unique. The old unregistered rust free (apparently 2 wd) classic wagon would still make a great little motor for taking the dog out! Wierd that among the crappy newish peugots and toyotas etc ( not just the hire car) the neighbours both sides of where we are staying still have a beaten up little Subaru van and a very old Justy. p.s. Malta might be described as a " poor country" but this has some benefits. After a tyre on the hire car going flat within a couple of hours ( suspicious?) it was repaired very quickly at one of the tyre specialists attached to many of the local fuel stations, for a total of 5 euros!
  8. ccrien

    Duff injector

    Hi Tony,. Yes it's the only thing in 180 k that nearly left me stranded. And the first time the engine has been touched apart from plugs, belts and filters etc. Only other thing like a failure was a flasher relay sticking on a bank holiday weekend a few years ago! Everything else I class as maintenance, and mostly " planned", even the rear wheel bearings gave a barely perceptible noise for a few months before I had them changed ( had to sit in the boot to feel/ listen to identify which side, it was that minor at about 120 k). Fantastic reliability. all fixed this morning, 300 quids worth of injectors, I put 2 new in that side so I now have a spare! Just realised I used over a quarter tank of petrol getting the 5 miles home yesterday. It was between half and three quarters when I set out. Beats Floz, s 3 mpg! Suspect a load of it was just sitting in the cat and exhaust. WRX Dan is worried about a few puffs of smoke, you should have seen what mine put out for the first few miles after it was going and warming up again today! Now let's see how long it takes for the ECU to fine tune itself, and if the cat and sensors survived unscathed. The forester lives on. Further update after a few shortish runs today: driving fine most of the time but surging / cycling on tick over between 600 and 950 rpm every few seconds, and a similar feeling when dawdling along or overrunning at low speed, it wants to keep on going? Obvious things look ok, like all the wiring and vacuum pipes are attached. Anyone have any ideas? Do I need to try resetting the ECU parameters by disconnecting the battery again, is it likely to be a crudded up O2 sensor that will either burn itself clean with longer runs or with Cataclean?? final update, Thursday: It was the front O2 sensor gummed up ( confirmed, as when unplugged ? the idle remained stable) but after 50-60 miles today on faster roads it's practically cleared itself, stable idle most of the time, can only get better. So, the moral of this rather long story, LOL, is that these motors hardly ever break but when they do, with a little help, they help to fix themselves ✌
  9. ccrien

    Duff injector

    Cheers,. Just got to put it all together then burn off a bit of petrol in the exhaust without too much of a Big Bang! Will update tomoro with a bit of luck.
  10. Ok,. So for the first time in 180 thousand miles ( exactly!) and over 14 years, the forester has let me down, not quite stranded but limped home with smoke from the exhaust. A little hesitation turned into a big misfire within a half a mile then the light came on, with code P 0301, misfire cylinder1. Feared the worst! Must be a head gasket. Quickly ruled out ignition fault by changing plugs leads and swapping around with the Impreza coil, then noticed injector 1 wasn't " ticking" but Unburned petrol spitting from the exhaust! Stripped them out today and that injector isn't closing as it should when there's no voltage across it. I can push air or cleaner through it with a syringe. My trusted local independent garage I asked for advice on cleaning/ refurb confirmed it's not worth trying to repair. So, a pair of new injectors ordered from Subaru dealer and hope to collect / fit tomorrow. Fingers Crossed.
  11. ccrien

    Power steering pump

    Now that sounds like a RESULT for perserverance! And Don's original diagnosis and advice. Hopefully OK in a few hours then in the morning.
  12. ccrien

    Water in boot

    My blob eye had a leak high up in the wheel well where the nuts (14 mm I think) for the rear bumper were fitted just under the wooden panel, one each side. Try tightening these nuts if the classics are similar?
  13. ccrien

    Power steering pump

    Hi Joff, if you haven't got a big syringe to get the old fluid out of the reservoir, get a cheap Turkey Baster with a long nozzle and use that. You can get a couple of hundred ml out at a time, replace with fresh fluid and turn the wheel side to side a few times as Mr Don said, which circulates and mixes the fluid,( and pushes any air out ) then replace another portion. Keep going till you've used up most of a litre bottle of fluid. When you say " groans under load",. If you mean groans on or near full lock,. Like the car salesman says " they all do that, sir".
  14. ccrien


    Does the sound come from one side only? Or more central? Very likely an outer driveshaft joint if it's clearly on one side, Shouldn't be too expensive or difficult if that's it ( even if buying a new shaft with joints). Good luck.