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  1. Had them on the Impreza GX when bought years ago,. Found them good on snow and slush, good traction and braking grip generally, but crap ( fun in a way) on some familiar roundabouts, at least when damp, where it was easy to get the car rear drifting out with only 125 h.p. michelins are out of this world by comparison, like on rails.
  2. Nice paint, don't see many with so glossy red finish. p.s. They're not federal 595 tyres on are they! 😹
  3. Welcome, nice car, and nice big garage space I could do with having!
  4. Nice retort Floz, ah, your 7 roof fins create what some commentators on " F1 " call it as positive airflow, the 2 on the 2 evoques just create more drag behind the brick shape with a bonnet ( which JC before his prime, I remember, once named the original volvo's) And the evoques' were attached to a great big black baseplate stuck on the roof, you could see from miles away!! Just watch, 5 years time the evoques will have 7 fins like yours through annual " upgrades" and you will be not so iconic any more, 😭
  5. Yes, holes might be better. The plastic grille is not environmentally friendly, some would claim, ( or insect friendly either, check out an old seasonal photo)
  6. There's a few around, but here's a starter: PLEASE ADD TO THE LIST saw a Land Rover Evoque, White, with TWO black " shark fin " appendices on the roof. Thought to myself, wouldn't he/ she have painted this stick on go faster item white before fitting it? Second thought was, does he/ she have a neighbour with ONE shark fin on their Evoque and this is a bit of one- up man ship ( or woman ship). Blooody hell, a couple of days later there's a red Evoque with a double black shark fin, must be standard from the factory?? . Next years upgrade will be car body coloured double fins, the year after triple shark fins? get a life. Buy an old ( or not so old) Subaru with a real iconic rear spoiler! Ha ha Jealous of anyone with the cheesecutter rear spoiler I must admit. But allegedely it did have a purpose, more downforce when your car ( or maybe Mr Sohlbergs) was cornering at a skewed angle on gravel. the glossy car mags probably treat the double shark fin on the roof as a worthwhile selling/ buying issue. More downforce going to the hairdressers?
  7. Evening mr scoobyjoff, I hate to say it but I think you've been sucked in by " fake news". Don't believe the speed or rpm your dials are telling you, ever again. Your motor wasn't even running. You,ll be after sweepy indicators like some Audis next!
  8. Never heard that one before, if there's enough fuel to start up straight away then your fuel pump is doing it's job adequately. Put it another way, a fuel pump that can deliver the volume you need at full chat can surely deliver enough to start and idle almost instantaneously! If you turn the key but wait a few seconds and don't start the car, I think the fuel pump actually cuts out, goes quiet on our cars? maybe your expert has one of these modern advanced cars that has lots of electronic systems that need to warm up before starting lol. P.S. He's not talking about diesels is he? Glow plugs warming up?
  9. Cheers Floz, can't add a comment to the post but thanks for donating / organising and commiserations to the others who didn't guess so luckily!       Will come into good use on both cars, (once I've finished dealing with some unexpected rear inner arch corrosion on the forester).   Thanks again, Coln.

  10. Sounds like a good car, welcome.
  11. Welcome Andy, yes it can be quiet on here but if you ever need advice for your cars there's no place better to get it, I find. banter or rants now and then but you've summed it up nicely, little " attitude". Car looks interesting, cheers.
  12. 👍. Maybe they were following your thread John?
  13. Good week all round Conrod. Our Impreza passed its MOT on Monday, just an advisory for slightly worn front discs but I have new set sitting in my shed for when needed. Also bought an el- cheapo backbox (Klarius brand)for the old forester from ECP, under 50 quid with their discount code. Has anyone else noticed that ICP now do a balljoint removal tool for a fraction of the price of the imported US version? Also ordered one of these to add to the toolbox. https://www.importcarparts.co.uk/parts-info?id=14134&cat=0&sub=0&sec=0&var=0&dc=&gen=
  14. Apparently Volvo has just announced today they are going to limit their new cars to 112 mph in the name of improving safety. What about all the points you very eloquently make above, Tony? Nothing mentioned by Volvo about making drivers use their senses or improving skills or driving appropriately to the immediate conditions and environment. Madness. Probably the tip of the iceberg.
  15. Almost a happy ending then John,. Keep us posted how it goes. Will be interesting if you need to use the legal services, To see if it's worth continuing to pay for that extra that nobody ever seems to use??
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