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  1. And to match the new hole, a custom made, offset, hulk sized, second bonnet scoop? looking good though.
  2. Sure theres a hole cutter somewhere?
  3. Pleased as punch with the forester, passed 200k miles last week, and still fully fit for purpose:
  4. Very much doubt it, if the symptom is when youre stopped or with clutch depressed. Try Don's suggestion in case the dealer didnt do this?
  5. Just when cold, or all the time? they can often be like that when cold and as you say, when dipping the clutch just before changing down approaching a junction for example, for a couple of miles max, but should be " normal" when warmed up. Sorry, dont have an answer but a few things to consider: if aircon is on, try with it switched off? The aircon on increases the idle speed slightly, is battery holding a decent charge, or top up with a charger and see if its any better? And try with little electrical load ( no lights, rear screen etc), see if its any better? if its worse when cold, try getting it to 3-4000 rpm just briefly with a bit throttle and pulling in a low gear after going half a mile or so, might " switch off" this feature ( until next cold start up). Also, See if you can drop the revs, if you blip the throttle while in neutral just before changing down. Hopefully its the feature built in to help reduce emissions when the motor is cold, but if its also happening when the engine is hot, likely to be a sensor needs replacement, but determining which one is the hard part: exhaust sensor, temperature or somethng else in the fuel/ air system??? good luck.
  6. Yes please, keep posting. Pics of the installation into the engne bay, as it happens part by part, will be interesting. Never tire of photos of well engineered stainless and polished parts!
  7. Im not good with this modern tech stuff ( the emoji film was bad!). But if i could send you all Christmas cards I would,. So I also agree. Have a great new year.
  8. You could always go for the "well used" disc look: ( 6 months under the sea as a lobster pot anchor, LOL)
  9. Best wishes for the refurb and rebuild. Sounds lke you have ideas in mind and just need moral support to do it, so, poke, poke, go and do it!
  10. Weve got better Tonka toys in the garden!
  11. Just watching the mbike racing at Scarborough on TV, ch 24, Olivers Mount circuit, hills, hairpins, lots of rain and greasy road, and a car graphic type advert pops up, footnote states " compatible with selected smart phones". Then realise when the video roles, its an advert for some new "little" BMW, And its system of some type or another. F me,. Folks expectedf ( encouraged) to buy a car cos its compatible with their selected smartphone????? Sorry for the language.
  12. Nice car Adrian,. Welcome to SIDC. Will be a nice car to drive down the A714 to Newton Stewart and into the Machars in DandG. Maybe see you at one of the rallies in Galloway next year?
  13. For winter wheels that might only be on 4-5 months max,, when its dark more hours than its daylight, ( so no- one sees them much) and roads are mucky and salty so the wheels arent often clean, a second hand set from gumtree or breakers might be adequate for you?? Sorry cant advise on size. Mark Harris summed it up nicely a while ago on the forum when different winter tyre brands were suggested by different people, I think i can paraphrase the jist of it as something like: "once youve driven on snow or ice on proper winter tyres, theres no comparison to summer tyres", message being that any decent full winter tyre is totally different to summer tyres on snow, and the particular brand isnt that important? Havng said that, I would personally recommend a block type pattern rather than the chevron type tread pattern, I found Nokian WRA3 ( now superceded by WRA4) excellent, Bridgestone Blizzak's also have a good reputation. Avoid Micheln Alpin's. Good choice and prices at mytyres.co.uk but are typically delivered in a week or so from Germany.
  14. Cheers Andy, the Forester is an N/A, as is our Impreza GX, so a crossports would be first venture into turbo ownership. the front pipe to cat flange joints are known to rot on N/As but hoping the tester was just being cautious and it will last a few years Just live in Scotland a few days a month plus a few weeks a year really, just a part timer. cheers, Colin.
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