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    Fishing from a 13ft RIB in the North Sea (towed by the forester), weekends in SWScotland, country lanes in the impreza, staying young ha! Forest rally spectating, grand kids !
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    Impreza 05 / Forester 03

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  1. 50 😕

    Happy birthday! You're right, the next few will fly by even faster. Make the most of them.
  2. New saloon owner

    I think you are being very polite there!
  3. HI all! New to SIDC.

    Nice looking car, will look at the you tube links later, cheers.
  4. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    Sounds like you've got the tee shirt floz. Good advice!
  5. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    If you're stuck, try Matty at MB developments, he breaks Subaru,s. Got a door mirror once from him, great service. Might be a bit more difficult to pack and ship a bonnet liner though? Mattybr5@MB Developments 07785 942237 Cheers.
  6. Did once put a red pinstripe and I think a few stickers on my 89 Astra 1.8 SRi but no funny ford stripes! A few drilled holes in the air intake and defluffed exhaust, and it went well enough, 8 valve low down grunt. Remember the original P6,s then the not so good early P600,s? Didn't even need winter tyres if you had P6,s on.
  7. Very true, and not just the "leccie". Where is all the lithium going to come from? and in 50 years time someone will realise the environmental damage caused by extraction, handling and battery manufacturing and eventual disposal will be worse and more impact than our CO2 generating cars ever were! Pity that some are going to make a fortune out of this going down this misled route. its a real beef of mine that the 2 free electric car charging points in the local town council car park are usually staffed by 1 or 2 taxis most of the time I pass the since one of the big taxi firms has " gone green". By the time a few more folks are forced electric, it certainly won't be free! theres a few ships anchored a mile or two off the Tyne at any one time, heard the other week these are full of imported coal waiting to be docked and unloaded! P.S. Joff, I have a photo somewhere of my kids when they were young, before the first ever run in the UK of the Escort Cosworth, a zebra striped thing up in Harwood Forest driven by Malcolm Wilson, think it was the course car. Class. (Wasn't trying to kill them, it was on the start line on stage a few mins before the countdown)
  8. Yup,. Worth spending a few ( hundred) pounds on them every now and then, even if it's now more often, to keep them going as long as possible / reasonable. Simply irreplaceable in terms of capability, and the Impreza,s are still iconic!
  9. The old forester is now 7/8 of the way to 200 k miles. Maybe the new target is a quarter of a million, but I think the rust might take a terminal bite before then? Engine still running sweet as a nut, burns no oil, etc. With the few comments about the future new motors in the Subaru uk invite and p1 threads, this really hammers home what I have said before, that I honestly believe the early 2000,s 2 litre Subaru engines ( N/A or turbo) are the global ultimate pinnacle of a balance of reliability, relative simplicity, value and performance (take your pick of the N/A plodder with pace or the turbo), that will never be matched. ah but they are poor on fuel I hear some of you out there thinking. The extra I pay for fuel ( and road tax) more than paid for itself in terms of reliability and driving enjoyment over the years. so called progress isn't always a good thing. Electronic gismo's, small highly stressed engines and the like are simply fashionable but will prove to be short lived. We need a revolution! bring back the old style 2 litre Subaru motors! And while I am at it, allow us to buy new 2 stroke outboards: light, simple, more reliable ( and a nice old fashioned aroma to the exhaust). Think I am getting old.
  10. P1

    Absolute classic icon.
  11. Spotted in north berwick wrx sti 330s

    Is that an Audi in front? Only in a car park lol.
  12. Random moment

    Bet he doesn't get stones stuck in his brakes either, lol
  13. Tom tom sat nav

    It's a picture book.
  14. WTF moment

  15. WTF moment

    So what's your plan with that Floz? How much " wrapping" will it handle, and where? Good day all round, look what I found in the sea this morning.