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  1. Cheers lockheed, but one is grandson. Im getting old. Yes DB deserves a bit of recognition for being so approachable and friendly. It made their day prior to the 3 hour drive home. Great atmosphere at the rally and we went to the finish of the Scottish rally rather than wait to see the BRC cars going through. Best of all there was a bit of a delay on a later stage ( like 2 hours) so the kids kept themselves amused running around the hill like haggis's ( you know those little rabbit like creatures with right legs longer than the left legs to make it easy on the slopes) and unsuccessfully trying to light a fire by rubbing two sticks together for half an hour, to keep warm like Bear Grills.
  2. Great day out on Saturday, good old fashioned forest rally feel to the Galloway Hills Rally, with open access to the service area, free access to a couple of the stages and a nice souvenir for the boys courtesy of a real gent, Davd Bogie, who came up for a photo at the finishing ceremony and "presented" them with his ( empty) winners champagne bottle. Jock Armstrong' s Impreza came second in the SRC part of the rally. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-49714396n http://gallowayhillsrally.co.uk/news/
  3. Nice one ryn004, I would import that rust free forester in a flash, if possible!
  4. Cheers Jeffers,yy Sure you will enjoy your new car: they used to do a fair amount of business/ turnover of WRX and Sti's but unfortunately Alexandra closed down a few years ago. Their mantle seemed to be then picked up by Subaru Newcastle (based in Wingrove Citroen) at the time, but they didnt last long. Was just wondering. We still have a dealer in Northumberland, but what was a small independent and rather specialist outfit where for example you walked straight in to talk part numbers and details to the parts guys in their den, has now moved after being absorbed into what's primarily a big vauxhall chain with typical glassy showroom and a little front parts desk with a bell to ring! Sign of the times.
  5. Looks good from the front! Hope it works out well for you. NA = newcastle / north east / northmberland registration? What dealer was it from originally?
  6. Good luck to you both. Hope it turns into a great LONG weekend 👍
  7. I count myself lucky I caught it befote it broke! Shouldnt be like this though, your point is a good one, they should have done a proper replacement job at the original recall. .
  8. Passed the recall inspection back in 2012, a long time ago! They were also looking fine just a few months ago when i had a good look underneath, but have rotted from the inside since. Only spotted when I had the wheel off the other day, and part of the arm looked dodgy, soon opened up when tapped with a toffee hammer and poked with a screwdriver! Replacement arms on order from Rock Auto as suggested by Don, u cradle bolt set ordered from ICP, and trying to get through to the nearest dealer for last few bolt/ nuts. Trusted local garage will fit once Ive got all the bits. take your point about talking to Subaru, but honestly cant be chewed arguing with them or dealers, rather make my own arrangements. Guess I should inform them though. (p.s. Luke from ICP reckons the alloy wrx arms would fit but may need washers on the front bush delending on subframe.)
  9. This one suggests the steel GX arm isnt suitable for the WRX - -. "Without wrx," in the description But doesnt necessarily mean the alloy WRX arm isnt suitable for the GX? p.s. The pic shows the bracket for the plastic bushed bolted droplink, not the balljoint type, so doubtful. looking like either ICP alloy arms or more probably the correct part no. Reference from Don's RockAuto steel arms from US, decision and place order tomorrow before the US wake up. New Steel arms would outlive the rest of the car.
  10. Thanks very much Lockheed,. The GX is a GD9 so theres possibillity GD9 wrx arms will fit. I will check the handbook tomorrow to see if theres detailed info on front track etc between the two.
  11. Ive emailed ICP to see what they say about the wrx alloy arms on a GX, but guessing theres some slight difference in something that means they wont fit. Cant find anyone thats done it already though, so not hopeful.
  12. And its urgent, I cant wait until theres ( maybe?) a free trade deal with the US, So its either Subaru UK/ dealer mark up, or import taxes and VAT on the lot. Don's indicated total inclusive price looks the better, and unusually, theyre probably better quality than the originals.
  13. Thanks very much for that Don, much appreciated. Didnt realise Rock Auto shipped to the UK Will speak to my local garage tomorrow to check theyd be happy fitting these if I sourced them, then will look to get them ordered (and they did the arms on a wagon WRX a few months back so they should know how to do mine!) . Some garages are getting reluctant to fit parts they havent sourced themselves.
  14. Hi, just looking at my options since a front control arm on the little impreza ( 2005 GX 4 door ) noticed yesterday has started to rust right through, 7 years since the recall/ inspection. I doubt subaru would contribute anythng to the repair, and nearest dealership is now quite a few miles away, so looking at my local independent garage to fit new arms. Option 1. Source from dealer, tracked them down via web to part no,s 20202FE831 ( replaced 20202FE540 /830) and 20202FE551 (replaced 20202FE550) IF / WHEN available. Price tbd but expect 250-300 per arm. option 2. Tried to source from a few EU based parts websites, there are a load of different impreza steel arms available, prices from £60-120 but none with the link to the original Subaru part no,s I need. Most of those available have different brackets, for the earlier and wrx wagon bushed plastic droplnks, not the balljoint type droplinks on my car. option 3. Does anyone know f the WRX saloon alloy arms such as these from ICP, will fit a GX saloon? Not just for geometry, but the fitting points as well? Would seem to be the best solution if guaranteed to fit. https://www.importcarparts.co.uk/parts-info?id=2240&cat=96&sub=183&sec=277&var=38&dc=0&gen=&searchKey=&searchPart= Apparently, the u cradle has to come off or at least be lowered to get in to change the lower arms, is that right? Any other ideas welcomed. Car is far to good to scrap. cheers
  15. Any chance of you getting the contact details for the original owner and giving them a call?
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