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    Fishing from a 13ft RIB in the North Sea (towed by the forester), weekends in SWScotland, country lanes in the impreza, staying young ha! Forest rally spectating, grand kids !
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  1. The beast from the east

    Well, after the big Easterly storm died down, when the sea was as rough as I have seen it ever, and the snow melted, the sea gives up its dead: masses of seaweed, a few fish and 20 little octopus. Now in my freezer for lobster pot bait! p.s. The fishy smell in the forester will soon fade and the black ink washed off the rubber mats😱
  2. Power steering pump

    Now that sounds like a RESULT for perserverance! And Don's original diagnosis and advice. Hopefully OK in a few hours then in the morning.
  3. Water in boot

    My blob eye had a leak high up in the wheel well where the nuts (14 mm I think) for the rear bumper were fitted just under the wooden panel, one each side. Try tightening these nuts if the classics are similar?
  4. Power steering pump

    Hi Joff, if you haven't got a big syringe to get the old fluid out of the reservoir, get a cheap Turkey Baster with a long nozzle and use that. You can get a couple of hundred ml out at a time, replace with fresh fluid and turn the wheel side to side a few times as Mr Don said, which circulates and mixes the fluid,( and pushes any air out ) then replace another portion. Keep going till you've used up most of a litre bottle of fluid. When you say " groans under load",. If you mean groans on or near full lock,. Like the car salesman says " they all do that, sir".
  5. Bumpy

    Does the sound come from one side only? Or more central? Very likely an outer driveshaft joint if it's clearly on one side, Shouldn't be too expensive or difficult if that's it ( even if buying a new shaft with joints). Good luck.
  6. Car Tax

    Ha, so if trees had a voice they would thank us lot for driving Subaru's ! Seriously it reinforces John's original point, CO2 rates are manufacturers figures, totally theoretical and per mile or kilometre. The taxation issue totally ignores how many miles that particular car drives in a year, or worse still how long it's stuck with in traffic queues in the real world, with correspondingly more CO2 per mile. So why does a theoretical CO2 output per mile determined be actual tax paid, irrespective of how far driven therefore how much CO2 actually produced? said it before, my old tech flat four driven on mainly empty rural / semi rural roads at smart but efficient speeds, will do a lot better at actual emissions than most modern cars stuck in jams or with their direct injection ( petrol) engines rapidly coking and choking up the inlet manifolds and valves giving nowt like the manufacturers claims for CO 2 on a clean NEW engine!
  7. Car Tax

    Up and up,. Non turbo,s now £305. the link shows what a complicated mess the car tax rates now are. So much of a (self created) mess they will be obliged to overhaul it, as rumoured.
  8. Power steering pump

    Try the belt tightening next Joff,. Hope that will fix it for you. Try that before buying a pump.
  9. Donington Stage Rally - CANCELLED

    Border Counties Rally next weekend, based in Jedburgh, now also cancelled. http://www.bordercountiesrally.co.uk/
  10. The beast from the east

    Nice little snowdrift this afternoon: must say, ploughs and gritters have done a great job, but good luck to those in the SW who are about to get it next.
  11. The beast from the east

    Traffic Scotland webcams:. This site is handy to check before planning trips up North: http://trafficscotland.org/livetrafficcameras/ no need to check before going sledging today though, there's a foot deep outside our front door. Take care all out there,. And hope Joff is well stocked up with pot noodles in his cab.
  12. The beast from the east

    Plenty here, dry drifting stuff, minus 3 C at 11 am. summer tyres are patiently waiting while the Nokians are on the Impreza and Avon ice touring so on the forester!
  13. Car Tax

    The N/A forester wasn't far behind at 285! Impreza expected to be the same next month. But rather have them still on the road for driving enjoyment and ability ( even without a turbo) rather than a lower tax but modern gutless and anonymous motor thats full of " infotainment" gizmos to con the buyers. Read a car mag the other day in the dentist and it suggested a lower 20 pound tax rate on X was a reason to buy that rather than buy car Z that was 40 pound tax!. ( can't remember what make/ models but obviously bland anonymous cars for the masses) Think it was meant to be a serious comparison and recommendation LOL!
  14. Power steering pump

    Just focus on stopping joff's squeal and it will all be ok!
  15. A little video from the Lakes

    Nice video Floz. The kids would really appreciate be the humps in that road, they call them" tickle bellies". I really should get a dashcam for the days when I must have accidentally pressed the " invisibility button" on my dashboard, and pr---s pull out in front of me, (usually looking at their phone.)