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  1. Funny Place Names

    As I stumbled across 'Knob Lane' last week it reminded me of all the funny place names I have seen over the years. My inner child has now decided to do a tour and collect them all in an album. So if anyone has suggestions I am starting to build the list.
  2. Snowflakes

    Is it me or is it cold in here? Anyone tried smashing the bulbs?
  3. 50 😕

    Happy Birthday Matey!!!
  4. PICT0316.JPG

    The view all EVO owners see in the distance
  5. Snowflakes

    Nothing in Nottingham, in fact it looked like summer yesterday.
  6. The Grand Tour

    Anyone else watch the 1st episode of season? They have got the celebs driving again not just dying
  7. Snowflakes

    Just realised the light bulbs don’t show on iPhone
  8. Urgent - WR1 Help needed

    Somethings are not easy to identify simply by viewing but post a few pics of the car might help us work it out. A previous owner could have put standard item back when they sold it (turbo, ECU etc.) as they would be worth a few pennies.
  9. New WRX Owner

    Hi and Welcome. Glad you found us. I don’t recognise the number plate but if it has a Subaru badge on it you are in the right place
  10. John MacDonald

    A nice set of Bilstein coilovers will sort that out and will also give you a lot of weight reduction (from your wallet)
  11. New WR1 owner (anyone know the car?)

    Unfortunately not, I know a guy called Alan Gosnell owned it not long ago and he was down south east way. WR1oc Group on Facebook might be able to help. Andi seems to keep up with owners and changes.
  12. New WR1 owner (anyone know the car?)

    Hi Mick, great choice i don’t recognise the Reg but once you know the model number I might find some info. You don’t need a turbo timer so rip it out
  13. Air conditioning pulley and tensioner

    I shouldn't laugh but I did exactly the same thing
  14. Impreza Rear spoiler for sale

    I wonder where the brake light has gone?
  15. My second Subaru

    Yes definitely
  16. My second Subaru

    Hi Dave welcome to the SIDC forum. Have a root around there are many many years worth of posts and info. lovely looking car
  17. New to SIDC

    Hi and welcome to SIDC The meets for next year are still being finalised so keep and eye on the events calendar. In the meantime post a pic of the WRSport . We don’t see too many of these anymore
  18. Spotted in coventry

    No surprise you’re near a McDonalds
  19. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    It may also be prudent to remove the Scoob under tray if you want to tuck the edges underneath. I tried without removing the undertray and the nice new liner started crumbling.
  20. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    Definitely cover the engine when removing the old one. The clips were quite stubborn and I ended up cutting the liner in to pieces and removing the clips at the end. Caused a huge mess
  21. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    It’s worth getting a set of clips as I broke most of them getting the old one off. Wierdly mine needed 13 where everyone else seems to only have 11 . Loads on Fleebay
  22. I WILL do it soon. I fitted those bulbs didn’t I?
  23. The old days of drilling holes in the intake. Did that on my Golf GTI
  24. I'm back

    Welcome back