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    Knockhill Track Session

    45 places are allocated for this session. Tickets are available in the club shop - https://forums.sidc.co.uk/store/product/32-knockhill-track-session/ Attending:
  2. ScoobieFloz

    2015 WRX STi Struts/Shocks

    I seem to go through droplinks quite quickly 😱 Easy and relatively cheap to fix
  3. ScoobieFloz

    SIDC at V-ATE

    V-ATE is a Pit Stop Dining Experience in Langrick near Boston in Lincolnshire, UK! Bob, Lesley, Neil and Victoria are hands on Petrol Heads who run this unique diner in the heart of Lincolnshire! There is no other experience quite like it for a car or bike lover and with only the best food on offer too, how could you resist?! V-ATE is also a Smokehouse so you can dine in a car or on the back of a Vespa and enjoy Southern Style Smoked Delights smoked low and slow right here in Langrick! Come and join us and see how good this place is for yourself. Main Rd, Langrick, PE22 7AJ, Lincolnshire
  4. ScoobieFloz

    STi fun

    It is amazing the difference you feel in the passenger seat. As the driver you know it will stick round the bend but when you’re the passenger it feels like you’re heading for the ditch. I guess you get the extra feedback from the steering to feel what’s really going on. Always good to keep your passengers on edge 😂
  5. Still think it could do with a step-by-step guide 😎
  6. ScoobieFloz

    JDM Combe 2019

    With everything JDM on show why not join us at Castle Combe and have your Subaru on our Club Stand. Featuring: Track sessions Club stands Drift displays Show and Shine Trade village Passenger rides Much more! Join the family friendly group that's been one of the leading Subaru Clubs for over 20 years. Tickets are discounted for SIDC Members. Click here for Club Discussion
  7. ScoobieFloz

    JDM Combe 2019

    !!! DATE CHANGE !!! Due to the clash with Japfest, JDM Combe will now be on the 1st June.
  8. ScoobieFloz

    Rallyday 2019

    More details to follow.
  9. The Subaru BRZ is so well balanced and has just the right amount of power that addicting more power would ruin it. Image courtesy of Autoguide.com
  10. ScoobieFloz

    02 Change My Mind - No more power for BRZ

    I know Litchfield did their magic with one but did Subaru ever release the supercharged version? And why not? Are they keeping it low on purpose so it doesn’t out perform their WRX STI like Porsche seem to do with their cayman?
  11. Set to be sold in Japan as the WRX STI TC 380, and limited to a run of 50, the machine features a range of special components which set it apart from regular models. Based on Japan's 2.0-litre Subaru WRX STI, the new model benefits from a new turbo, exhaust and catalytic converter sourced through Japanese aftermarket firm HKS, along with a new intake and strut brace developed by former rally driver Toshihiro Arai. Other elements include a carbon lip spoiler and special Recaro seats. The "TC 380" badge could be a reference to the car's engine output, which may be 380 horsepower, or 283kW (well up on the standard Japanese car's 227kW peak). Could this be the last of the petrol WRX STI’s before the hybrid versions are released? https://www.caradvice.com.au/699864/subaru-wrx-sti-tc380/
  12. ScoobieFloz

    Fog light covers

    I might be able to if I didn’t keep buying stupid things I don’t need 😂
  13. ScoobieFloz

    Wheel scrubbing

    Does it do it more when you are reversing while on lock? Mine does it, it’s like it’s crabbing a little. Something to do with the diff. It has never caused any issues and I have always considered it a feature 😎 Someone with far more tech knowledge will no doubt give you a better explanation shortly.
  14. ScoobieFloz

    Fog light covers

    Oooh I wasn’t looking for any but I think there is space in the cupboard for some more goodies 😂
  15. The best UK spec Subaru ever is the Blobeye STI Widetrack………. Image courtesy of Hollybrook Sports cars
  16. ScoobieFloz

    Yorkshire Dales Whale

    A little run around the Yorkshire Dales starting at Hawes taking in some brilliant driving roads including Butter Tubbs Pass. Meeting at the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes aiming to Leave at 10am ansd stop for something for some lunch at Tan Hill Inn. Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Station Yard, Burtersett Rd, Hawes DL8 3NT Members discussion can be found here. Yorkshire Dales Whale.mp4
  17. ScoobieFloz

    Yorkshire Dales Whale

  18. ScoobieFloz

    Yorkshire Dales Whale

  19. ScoobieFloz

    Yorkshire Dales Whale

  20. ScoobieFloz

    JDM Combe 2019

    I wonder how many laps you’ve done in that time and how many overtakes 😂
  21. ScoobieFloz

    Yorkshire Dales Whale

  22. ScoobieFloz

    Stage Rally and Fireworks

    Cadwell Park’s season will end with the North Humberside Stage Rally, round two of the 2018-19 Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship in association with MSVR. This popular end-of-year event will feature an impressive selection of rally cars on track competing into the dark, before eyes turn towards the sky for a mega fireworks display. The rally will follow a series of ‘special stages’ which use the circuit in unique configurations, creating a different spectacle to everything that has come before during the year. To compliment the rally cars competing in the North Humberside Stage Rally on circuit, Cadwell Park will play host to a magnificent display of machinery. The display car theme for this event is Group B Rally Cars.  Tickets available here
  23. ScoobieFloz

    Stage Rally and Fireworks

    Anyone else coming to this?
  24. ScoobieFloz

    Yorkshire Dales Whale

    An overview of the run today. Some great roads, photos will be added to the gallery soon. 6FC7709B-D603-4507-A590-80E332089478.mp4