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  1. Hmm tricky one....🤔 RACECAR......always RACECAR 🤟🤙👍😎
  2. I will just leave this image here while I go off to be sick 🤢
  3. Welcome to the club 👍 There are a few Scoobs on the Isle of Man 😎 @t5nyw we went to the Isle of Wight 😂
  4. Hi Matthew, Nice to see a scoob getting some love and some RCM love as well 👍 Welcome to SIDC and I hope we see the hawk sometime soon.
  5. This is a Members Only event. Full details here.
  6. ScoobieFloz

    Dyno Day 2019

    This is a Members only event. Full details here
  7. Hi Andy, Welcome to SIDC. Lovely forester 😍 👍
  8. Definitely a member? 🤔 @bazzapurple ?
  9. For anyone struggling with the link.
  10. Hi Davie, £107 sounds about right and quite a good price for genuine items. I am sure I paid more than that for the blobeye.
  11. Hi All, I noticed Scoobyworld are advertising these covers, has anyone used these or can recommend any? https://www.cover-zone.com/products/search-results/?make=84&model=Impreza+with+factory+boot+Spoiler&year=2004&trim=Saloon
  12. Hi Jeffers, Exciting times 👍 Welcome to the Subaru world. Unfortunately I am no expert when it comes to checking cars I usually send someone else 😂 but I am sure some expertise will be along soon to advise about anything to look for. I would want to see and start the car from cold and let it warm up and do the usual checks for any fluid leaks and levels. Is it a private sale if dealer? Floz.
  13. If only they would finally release that concept design 😍😍😍
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