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  1. I had a RAC Trackstar and I never had any issues with it, but it was the one already installed rather than a choice i made. I know Subaru UK also fitted Metasat and Scorpion trackers to their cars, and I know there are a few users on here that have had those 😉
  2. Will be interesting to see how effective this will be 😳 https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/news/motoring-news/not-aloud-new-cameras-to-catch-noisy-motorists/
  3. 🤣 Looks very nice now. 👍
  4. ScoobieFloz

    Rallyday 2019

    Breaking News: Jimmy AND Alister McRae set to join Craig Breen at Rallyday 2019.
  5. Definitely some nice induction noise 👍
  6. Not yet, everything has been on hold while the police had the car but has now been released so hopefully the insurance won't take too long to sort out. Got my eye on a Justy 🙄
  7. Beautiful 👍 Planning on doing much braking? 😂
  8. Hi and welcome, I don't know the car personally but it looks great in the pics and the specs are good. A bonus is it has already been forged 👍
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