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  1. Subaru coin

    You know when you put something in a safe place so you don’t lose it? That’s where my 20p is the problem is I can’t remember where that place is
  2. Bonnet release cable

    I got some aero catches in a cupboard somewhere if you need them
  3. Subaru Summit 27th & 28th October

  4. Rusty lower radiator panel

    Wow 2k still worth it.
  5. Bonnet release cable

    I hope so for Joff’s sake. Can you see the mechanism behind the grill?
  6. Hello

    Hi Ian, Did you find the info you needed for the alarm?
  7. Hello

    Hi Ian, Welcome to the SIDC forum.
  8. Bonnet release cable

    What you need is a special opening tool. You can get one here. Bonnet Opening Tool
  9. Modified Live - 7th May 2018

    We have a couple of tickets left. Anyone else?
  10. Modified Live - 7th May 2018

    I will be there early to get setup so it is normally easier to meet inside. @scoobyjoff & @WRX-Dan are you guys meeting up on the way up? @leon77 Which way are you coming?
  11. Welcome back The leggy look great.
  12. Sunroof rubber seal

    Just get the roof wrapped
  13. New splitter fitted.....FINALLY

    So will you have the splitter fitted before I do my bonnet catches?
  14. Power steering pump

  15. Water in boot

    Mine had enough water in for a whale