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  1. So it appears that Subaru is recalling millions of cars in America due to a faulty brake light switch and have had several other recalls in the past year or two, I was wondering if their quality control was really that bad these days or are they just being extra cautious in the states for fear of another lawsuit? They don't seem to have that many here in the UK 🤔
  2. OK folks, a quick update to the visit to Caffeine and Machine. It appears they have now started charging £10 for parking bookable in advance using this link. According to the site you do get a free beverage with the parking. If you still intend to join us don't forget to click the link and book your parking for the 30th March.
  3. Think we’ll have to give Cambridge Subaru a shout out. Anyone can make a mistake but they accepted it and paid up.
  4. I’d have a look at Haywood & Scott, they do very good exhausts including cats. https://www.haywardandscott.com/subaru/impreza-new-age.html
  5. I did see it but didn’t realise it was much cheaper. Good spot.
  6. Good news James, was it ever in doubt?
  7. Let the battle commence 😄 Let's hope our faith in the dealer doing the right thing is upheld.
  8. ScoobieFloz

    Subaru Summit 2020

    Full Details to follow soon.
  9. @scoobyjoff This is just round the corner for you 🙄
  10. Had a quick look, I don’t know the car but it seems ok from the pics. Mileage is good for its age, it means it has been driven regularly and not just sat. The obvious things to look out for is rust, especially around the wheel arches and underneath the radiator.
  11. Nothing yet 😱 I haven’t dare send MOMO a WhatApp message 😂 Being slightly sceptical I wonder what info they are actually after with the so called ‘challenge’ just being a decoy. 🤔
  12. Good to hear you’re coming back to the flat four fold 😎 Unfortunately the link didn’t work for me so can’t see the details or price. A quick look on eBay finds 3 Red examples, 2 around the 6k mark and one that looks cheap but has been modified so maybe that’s a clue 🤔 I would have said about 5k for a good Legacy but if you’re looking at a blitzen they general command a few quid more for the limited availability. The advertised one in Poole looks a good car but obviously a good look at it would be good. If it’s only been in the UK for a short time it is highly likely to be rust free. We have a few legacy owners who would be able to give you some more in-depth things to look for so.
  13. Attending: Robert Lewis - Lister F-Type
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