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  1. ScoobieFloz

    Northern Ireland

    @hackisfun I have created a new section for Northern Ireland. It would be good to get some more discussion involvement from across the water.
  2. Hi floz, any chance of showing your go pro footage from when you came over to me the other year.

  3. Hi Foz, how come no japfest this year ???

    1. ScoobieFloz


      Hi James, A combination of things really. Kelsey have turned Japfest and TRAX into a carpark over the past few years. Even when we purchase more tickets than the cars we are expecting, we still don't get enough space. We also didn't get much interest from members about the Kelsey shows which is a shame as I used to love Japfest.

  4. Hi Floz, am I to late to get a TRAX ticket ???


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    2. conrod


      Thanks I will sort it ASAP

    3. conrod


      Hi Floz, all sorted paid for rallyday and trax.

      all the best see you  there , stay flatout.

    4. ScoobieFloz


      Good Lad :thumbup:

      I cant wait


  5. Hi Floz, do you want to meet up Saturday evening when you get to newbury.

    let me know mate.         James

    1. ScoobieFloz


      Hi James, I will have to sadly decline. I will not be getting to Newbury til late so will probably have an early night ready for the early start in Sunday. Sorry.

    2. conrod


      no  probs floz, see you sunday morning for 7.30 kick off.

  6. hi mate just a quick one do u know anyone heading to jap day  in castle combe in may on the sat morning from our way  

    1. ScoobieFloz


      Not off the top of my head. Just looked at the list so far and everyone is from the south.

  7. Hello good evening!!!!!

    just a quick questions, about Japfest 24th of april

    > i have bought the stand ticket plus my entry ticket, but i havent had anything yet, ticket, information or what to do next, so im just a bit confused, also what time i have to be there by, as this is the first time im doing this, could you help me out.



    1. ScoobieFloz


      Hi Alex,

      Don't worry, no-one has had any tickets yet. The Japfest organisers decided that they would send out the tickets this year which is why you had to purchase them from the Japfest website and not from us, this has caused lots of confusion and some people I think may have event purchased the wrong tickets but I have no way of knowing. I expect you will receive them in the next week or two. I will post any updates on the forum regarding any meeting times and when everyone needs to be there as soon as we are told. We are usually asked to be in the circuit and setup for 09:00 which is when the public are allowed in. We will probably get there for about 07:00 as there is normally a queue to get in but like a said I will update everyone when we know more.



    2. gayboyscooby


      Ok, thats great thank you