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  1. Different load

    Great stuff.
  2. Ok,so some details,history and pictures of the car might help.
  3. Depends how much you want for the car.
  4. Fix and sell or sell as is?

    Some pictures would maybe help.
  5. New Top Gear

    +1 above.
  6. I Be A Bit Mad...

  7. Car Cover Carry On

    What about halfords advanced covers.
  8. I Be A Bit Mad...

    Great stuff.
  9. I Be A Bit Mad...

    Go steady and enjoy.
  10. Mot Failure - 'u' Sub Frame

    Someone on here has gone through the same thing but i cannot recall who it was but i am sure there is someone with a better memory than me who will help you.
  11. Sigma Alarm Problem - Help Please

    Hope you got sorted ok.
  12. When you say the engine is turning over is the engine actually turning and is the timing belt going round.
  13. Hope he has plenty of cash.