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    2005 WRX PPP saloon
  1. Back To The Fold (Possibly)

    Yes I hope so, had a 2005 WRX ppp before so going all mature now!!!
  2. Back To The Fold (Possibly)

    Looking at a 2007 3.0R Outback this week so kind of new style SIDC transport. Does anyone have any experience of these beasts or Legacy 3.0 for that matter? What to check over and above normal stuff. I know they are chain driven, top rfl and mpg isn't great but have fancied one for a while and though it doesn't have the oomph or sound of my WRX should be ok for an estate. All thoughts most welcome. Maybe even join the Fling next year, at the BACK!
  3. Highland Fling '13 Over......

    thanks to all.
  4. Highland Fling '13 Over......

    got it, thanks guys. Now Scoobless as my daughter is about to learn to drive and the Impreza wasn't going to impress the insurance people. Got a decent price from an enthusiast so happyish and picking up a 1.4 fiesta tomorrow and have been giving the Impreza ownership thing some thought and to summarise; Will miss good points; turbo shove exhaust and induction noise TRACTION ability to destroy a twisty, even wet section of road without drama and look after you with ability to spare (the car that is) snowy winters purposeful looks fairly practical space wise too Subaru community reasonable running costs comparitively Won't miss; RIDE COMFORT nothing below 2500 rpm bloody alarm set up godspeed brakes (just for Dave) Pros outweigh cons so its been a worthwhile experience which may tempt me back one day if I'm not too old and grumpy though goodness knows what the choice will be in a few years time. thanks to all for your advise and help over the last 3 flings especially lead man Dave.
  5. Highland Fling '13 Over......

    How do I get access to facebook page? Emily has an account.
  6. Fling Friday!

    Depending on timing rush hour would normally do Edinburgh to Ullapool in around 4 hours without breaking any limits.
  7. Clamping Down On Exhaust Noise

    Unless you're drawing attention around town you shouldn't have a problem though legally any louder/larger bore than standard is illegal! (and will in theory get a rectification notice). So use of common sense is all that's required as well as not have a stupidly loud exhaust etc
  8. How Old Is Your Pollen Filter?

    It's not just Subaru's, had to get in behind glovebox on a Focus as well.
  9. Snowman Rally

    Will look out for you Al as that's the stage we'll go to.
  10. Snowman Rally

    I believe stages are Glenurquhart, Nr Kiltarlity, Rogie and 2x Struy/Tain way. No Daviot this year. May go to Rogie if it's a decent day as getting too old to freeze my **** off nowadays!
  11. Left Foot Breaking

    I use heel and toe often but it's more about mechanical sympathy matching revs on down shifts (and the lovely noise the Scoob makes) than any performance advantage as it's slower. Left foot braking is beyond my limited ability and would probably end in loss of NCB (at least)!!!!
  12. Legacy Tourer Se Tourer - Diesel

    Looking for an older 2.5 legacy/outback, have you run one of these before and if so what did you think? any problems, what find of mpg did you get? looking forward to the fling, presume you'll be there. Cheers
  13. zunsport

    Don't know but be aware the lower grill for a 2005 blob doesn't fit, Zunsport refunded no probs.
  14. Tuner Wheel Nuts

    Cheers Don they look smart, will have a look for them.
  15. Legacy Tourer Se Tourer - Diesel

    Any DPF issues?