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  1. highlandflyer

    How Old Is Your Pollen Filter?

    It's not just Subaru's, had to get in behind glovebox on a Focus as well.
  2. highlandflyer

    Legacy Tourer Se Tourer - Diesel

    Looking for an older 2.5 legacy/outback, have you run one of these before and if so what did you think? any problems, what find of mpg did you get? looking forward to the fling, presume you'll be there. Cheers
  3. highlandflyer

    Legacy Tourer Se Tourer - Diesel

    Only thing that really can ruin a diesel is DPF problems which can hit if you're not on regular long runs. All Subaru's have one fitted. If you are not sure about DPF's google it as it seems to be another emissions cock up.
  4. highlandflyer

    Legacy Tourer Se Tourer - Diesel

    Had an Outback diesel for a weekend recently which is just a jacked up Legacy and thought it was pretty good. Positive points were quiet smooth engine (though a little short of low down torque), smooth ride and roomy comfortable cabin front and back. Legacy would be a sharper drive due to 2" lower suspension (Outback a bit wollowy). Only negatives were poor steering feel and shallow boot. Got about 45 mpg mixed driving so competitive. Would probably look at a Skoda Scout and A4 Quattro too if serious about it.
  5. highlandflyer

    Lower Grill

    I got one recently but it doesn't fit an '05 blob wrx bumper neatly. Zunsport were excellent and gave a full refund as their test bumper was slightly different to mine!!! It was maybe 5mm too tall for the gap.
  6. Hi mate you got the right guy give me a call my no is 07852234339

  7. highlandflyer

    Impreza & abs vs snow

    Jeff, Wouldn't turn ABS off if I were you, it's not intrusive at all with winter tyres as grip is excellent, much better than 4x4's I have run on all season tyres. If I was running summer tyres I would half my speed as there is NO comparison at all. Winter for winter, summer for the rest of the year. I'm in the Highlands so run winter tyres October to April (take them off for the Fling). Only downside of running winter tyres is you become everybody's taxi and you do have to watch you don't become over confident and end up looking a right prat!! I managed to get a set of Nokian's last spring for £100 off a BMW!! surprise surprise, they should ban rwd on snow/ice.
  8. highlandflyer

    Few Updates on my WRX

    Looks good, can you fit any standard single din unit with the forester folding pocket? If so where did you get the pocket? Cheers
  9. highlandflyer

    Highland Fling 2011

    Dave, As you know this is all new to me, is this a family outing ie child friendly or best as adult only? Myles