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  1. Hi, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-Impreza-Breaking-spares-/220810742698?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3369588baa Goes by ebay name 2010bargainsforyou His Mobile and email are in the ebay add. but his paypal email is different, that is stanners123@hotmail.co.uk..... Beware.. do not buy from him and let iddiots like this Ruin the Subaru Community. Bought and paid for a Wing from him on 18th July, he knew we were desperate for the wing, and claims he posted it on the 21st, on the 22rd i ask where the wing is, he tells me the label fell off so it was returned to him lol, he say's he hopes i get it by tuesday. this being tuesday the 23rd. Still No wing, so another text to him with littl ereply, so a paypal claim was made on 28th, i then send him a text saying i am disputing via paypal, 30 mins later i get a text, saying he had been out of the office for a few day's balh blah blah and it should have been here, then i start getting auto text reply's telling me he is out of office till Monday. On Monday the 1st of August, i get a text, Hi Their, I've phoned citylink and got a few answers from them, As i said before the label had come off, and thats the first delay, but when i sorted another label i put the wrong address on their and it's ended up to some poor sod in Wales!! Gurantee it will be with you by end of Friday. My dault and Apologies. Matt. Yesterday I recieve a text with the citylink tracking detail's and Matt escalates the Paypal Dispute, for them to decide, also giving them the Tracking Number. Today a Piece of Scrap Arrives. when i tell him this and ask for a refund of £62 he says You asked for a wing not one in Good Condition.. Actually i have all the texts on my phone still, and the first text i sent him was Do u still have the front wings if so are they in good condition? what color code is the car. He asked if i was after Red or green Indicating he is breaking more than 1 car. Below is the message I just sent to Paypal in my Dispute Claim. The Wing Arrived today, but it was hacked off the car and not taken off, it also has a rust hole in it, and the front is bent Over, their is no way this item can be used again. When i Spoke to the Seller, he said you asked for a wing, not one in Good condition. I can get a brand new one for less than i paid him but would require paint. I have all the original text messages i had with the guy, and can take a photo, clearly showing the text message, where i asked if he had a wing in Good condition. and him coming back asking if i was after a red or green one, When i said Green he gave me the price etc. The seller has now told me to take it up with paypal, so I wish to escalate this to a claim. I have taken pictures of the item in it's scrap condition, and added them below. this pic you can see the front corner on the right that should be straight, bent over into a triangle. This pick on the left you can see the bottom of the wing wich should be curved, is Rusty and has been hacked off, not unbolted, bending it out of shape. This pick is a close up of the damage in the above pic. And again this time from the rear of the wing. http://www.southwestcustomz.co.uk/images/IMG_0473.JPG And another part of the wing where you can see rust, and that the rust has broken and cracked.