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  1. Stefan and Sue

    Hi everyone This is for those who know Me and Sue, just to let you all know that we were married yesterday
  2. Mount Edgcumbe Classic car & Bike

    Oh sure thing Mel we are still going but as day visitors so will have to park in the door dingers car park ,
  3. Mount Edgcumbe Classic car & Bike

    Mel can you remove us please as I have sadly sold my car
  4. Mount Edgcumbe Classic car & Bike

    Hi Mel Can you put us down for his one again, it will be good to get the car out for one last show before it's either sold or sorned
  5. SWS members signing up problems

    Looks like I'm sorted now. Thanks
  6. SWS members signing up problems

    Thanks Mel I did that last night and the e-mail I got today was to sign in using another name.
  7. Since I had the e-mail about signing up from SWS to SIDC and my remaining subs being transfered, I have been pulling my hair out filling in the form! because it keeps saying that my username is taken thats because I signed up before the e-mail was sent and the username is taken by me!!!. I have had the name elowarr on SWS for nearly six years and everyone knows me by that name, Now the e-mail I get today says to use a different name!! why can't my details I filled in when I signed up be changed to paid member? Anyone else having this problem?
  8. I'm here

    Hi Mel That would be good, not much happening down here at all now! dunno if I should start again and get things moving?. is Mount Edgecumb on this year? we really enjoyed it last year dispite the rain Catch you later Stef x
  9. ok Folks

    I joind SWS in 2005 and have been a member since through good times and troubled times, now that SWS has merged into SIDC once again I will continue. I thought those days of sour grapes and bickering were over, it was not plesant for anyone and I should hate to see those days return/
  10. I'm here

    Cheers Derek Perhaps there might be a few more meets which will give me an excuse to get the car outta the garage
  11. I'm here

    Heres a pic This was the first Exmouth meet we attended, picture was taken by SP.
  12. I'm here

    Hi Ed Hows it hanging buddy? Ok I hope, everythings fine with us still got the money pit, I don't drive it much nowadays. between MOTs last year it covered 940mls and since last October it's only covered 140!!!!. Hows the meet situation going on and are there any shows coming up that don't involve us driving hundreds of miles to get to them?..
  13. I'm here

    Well thats me signed up, whats this lot like then?