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  1. Scoob Finally Went :(

    Yeah already thought about that trouble is these sump plugs break easily if stone catches it it will probably break plus there quite low down i know of a chap who's had about 8 fitted to his from catching it and if you didnt know you've done it bye bye engine lol
  2. Scoob Finally Went :(

    Yeah thats it, will defo be saving a shed load of money thats for sure
  3. Hi All.... Newbie Here

    Welcome to the forum :-)
  4. Scoob Finally Went :(

    Cheers matty dont go bad for a diesel just shame about the handling lol
  5. Scoob Finally Went :(

    Cheets mate yeah will defo get another when the times righ, will still be going action day, japfest and rallyday so may see you about
  6. Scoob Finally Went :(

    And here she is lol...... These were taken from autotrader when i first purchased it so sorry if they aint to good quality lol
  7. Scoob Finally Went :(

    Nice comments lads cheers yeah defo stu we could meet up for a swift but yeah will defo get another at somepoint and if you really wanna see a standard golf tdi i shall post some pics up later lol and matty i do stay up there alot as my gf lives there
  8. Scoob Finally Went :(

    ain't been on here for a while but thought i would post up that i no longer own a scoob as i part exchanged it in not long ago due to the fact commuting to swindon quite alot from down in devon was costing a bomb lol, so ive gone and got myself a mk4 golf 130 gt tdi not a bad little car but no scoob that's for sure, everytime i hear one i want it back lol and no doubt will have another in the future gonna miss coming on stand with all you guys but time has come to own something a bit cheaper untill i ain't gotta drive so far, will still be going to some of the shows so will no doubt see some of you guys about and will still be on here as well in and out as my love for scoobs will never fade
  9. Newbie

    welcome to the forum nice scoob
  10. im from crediton never seen it about, take it doesnt come out much lol ...... hope the weather is better for next weekend chaps
  11. New Bloke On The Block

    nice scoob and welcome
  12. can you put my name down please should be able to make this one, also p1 murch aka shane said he will be up for it too, be a good catch up before christmas
  13. Hello From Leicester

  14. Hello From Cornwall.

    welcome to the forum
  15. Bugeye Project

    great project mate coming along nicely