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  1. j wrx tonkins

    Bugeye Project

    great project mate coming along nicely
  2. j wrx tonkins

    Bugeye Oil Advice

    i use fuchs titan/silkolene pro s fully synthetic 5w40 in my 2002 bug but it is like the most expensive oil there is pretty much.... you dont have to use this exact oil but i wouldn't go buying cheap stuff as these engine's need oil pressure as for which to go for a 5w40 0r 10w40 is best and always get fully/ester synthetic rather than semi lots of good oils to choose from here http://www.opieoils.co.uk/c-952-fully-synthetic.aspx plus you get membership discount there hope this helps
  3. j wrx tonkins

    Please Show Your Support .....

    terrible news for this family i have posted this up in a few places and hopefully will attend myself
  4. j wrx tonkins

    Rally Day - Roll Of Honour

    nice pics mate
  5. j wrx tonkins

    Dump Valve Question (Sorry)

    dont buy bailey's they are prone to leak get a forge, hks or turbosmart if your wanting one....
  6. j wrx tonkins

    My Subaru Garage Project

    That is awsome i want garage like that ;-)
  7. j wrx tonkins

    Rally Day Best On Stand

    Well done people all 3 were very nice cars
  8. j wrx tonkins

    Rally Day

    As above great day guys really enjoyed it even tho couldnt manage to walk every where as it was so damn hot lol thanks to the organisers that made everything come together and was nice to catch up with you all
  9. j wrx tonkins

    My Rallyday Mini Detail.

    both looking good chaps i will be spending the day claying and polishing mine for the first time lol
  10. j wrx tonkins

    From Midnight Tonight.........

    Haha think i may have got it..... Trust you to get it matty ;-)
  11. i will have mine ordered by thursday
  12. j wrx tonkins

    From Midnight Tonight.........

    uhhhh i dont get it?
  13. j wrx tonkins

    Tyre Pressures

    Hmmmm not sure mate as thats the info i got off scoobynet as my springs never came with any paper work as i bought them second hand so could be a load of bollocks..... Cant really see why a 02 is gonna be different to a 06 or is it the different models maybe!! as in wrx have different measurements to sti hmmm fook knows, maybe i should ring prodrive and double check to see what they are if they still have the settings haha
  14. j wrx tonkins

    Tyre Pressures

    i run 33 psi front and 31 psi rear as that's what prodrive recommend with there springs