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  1. 33dne

    Happy New Year

    Hi all Have a good 2019 And all the very best for the new year Dave 33dne
  2. 33dne

    Used Subaru sellers

    Hi Dan No experience but they do seem to have some nice scoobys in from time to time. Hope you find a good one somewhere. Cheers Dave 33dne
  3. 33dne

    Used Subaru sellers

    Hi Dan Have a look at Hurst cars of Bedfordshire. Dave 33dne
  4. 33dne

    TRAX - Silverstone

    HI Floz Please put me down for this just paid. Thanks DAVE 33dne
  5. 33dne

    Simply Japanese

    Hi Floz See you at the Bold Forester. Dave 33dne
  6. 33dne

    Simply Japanese

    HI Please put me down . see you all at the Bold Forester. Dave 33dne
  7. 33dne

    Japfest - Silverstone

    Hi Floz Ticket arrived thanks. Hope the sun shines, should be a good day. safe journey to everyone. Dave 33dne
  8. HI ALL Washed and polished scoob last Saturday went out for a run, parked car in the high street. Returned later to find pride and joy keyed across drivers door full length of the door. 350 pounds to put right.What makes these people tick ? Mad and gutted Dave 33dne
  9. 33dne


    Just ordered two. they look good. Well done. Dave 33dne
  10. Hi all Like the new 20 years logo at the top of the forum page. How about some stickers of this would look nice at shows. Just an idea . Happy new year. Dave 33dne
  11. Hi To all members have a good Christmas and all the very best for 2017 ! Dave 33dne
  12. 33dne


    Ticket arrived today thanks need a sunny day now. Thanks Dave 33dne
  13. 33dne

    Prodrive Factory Tour

    Thanks for a first class day .Prodrive tour was very interesting. Good to meet you all and thanks to the people who made it possible. Dave 33dne
  14. 33dne

    Newage Wheel Dilema

    Very nice finish.Look good