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  1. I'm back

    About to collect an 08 hatchback?
  2. Evenin all, i back as well

    Hi all. Bad penny back again. You may remember me as Fatmanscooby, Fms or various other names. The car is still with me but a few other changes have taken place in my life. I left the woman most of you knew and got in contact with an old Girlfriend i was with 30 odd Years ago through Facebook. That was 2 Years ago we went to New Zealand last Xmas and got engaged, next December we are going out to get married there. I lost my Father/ best friend to Leukemia last Year and that was a major blow. We knew it was coming but it made it no easier. I am lucky to have my new partner who helped me through it. I have kept in touch wirh Stevee and Type R Pete and will get the Scoob beautiful again. Im settled now and happy, so look out