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  1. I've got hawk STI alloys with Pirelli Sotozero winter tyres on them if you are looking for good quality winter tyres. They are no use to me as they don't fit the blob I have now. They dont have any fancy sidewall graphics though lol If I could get a cheap set of blob STI wheels I'd maybe keep them but for just now they are up for grabs for the very cheap price of £400.
  2. Very tidy looking graphics there mate
  3. Glad you have got it sold finally mate You should get a nice minted P1 now
  4. Yeah I always use camskill for my tyres, very good service and very good price
  5. I stay in the Ferry so if I see your car I'll give you a wave (I wave at all Scoobies anyway ) Why not take the car to Wallace Performance in aberdeen, it's closer to you
  6. Nah I haven't seen many decent Hatches in the Dundee area either really apart from when I see Glyn's at meets There are a few older folk driving N/A hatches I've seen but hardly any WRX's, STI's, or 330's.
  7. Yeah I usthe Millers 10w60 as well in mine and get it from Opie oils as well
  8. Chris are you not selling a 55 plate Hawk WRX just now mate
  9. If you are getting 4 go with the 225's! Simples
  10. Go for Falken 452's I swear by these tyres for quality and price and I know alot of other Scooby drivers do to. If you go to camskill they do the Falkens and other tyres at great prices
  11. This is terrible news! I hope all involved are ok.
  12. Yeah I'd be in for some of that paint to if theres a group buy going on
  13. Not a problem mate, I was glad to help. I hope you enjoy your new purchase now as well
  14. Thanks Glyn, I be as well try and make some use of the left over bits from the car
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