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    Impreza wrx hawkeye
  1. Grey Hawkeye

    Grey Hawkeye in Burntisland and Kinghorn.
  2. Tyre Sizes

    I am looking for a quick bit of advice regarding tyre sizes on my 06 Hawkeye,will 225/40/18 be ok on a 7.5 wide wheel or would I be better with a 215/40/18 as regards to clearance issues etc. Thanks in advance for all your knowledgable replies, Jim.
  3. Timing Belt

    Hi Guys, my 2006 Hawkeye is due the timing belt changed and I was looking for reccomendations on where to have it done,preferably around the Central Belt,and what sort of price should I expect to pay? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Guys, I am looking to buy a grey 2006 Hawkeye wrx with ppp,just wondered if it used to belong to anyone on here or if anyone knows of it,reg number is S20 EDC, any help or info greatly appreciated.
  5. URGENT - 4" Exhaust Bung loan needed!

    I have got one here mate,I am in Fife but will be travelling to Glasgow tomorrow morning for work if thats any good.pm me or text 07796325782.
  6. Help Wanted.

    C`mon guys, somebody must know this car.
  7. Help Wanted.

    Hi guys, I have been away from scoobs for a year or so,thought I needed an A3 3.2 quattro,but have realised its not really what I needed. Never mind its an itch thats been scratched.To the point of my post....does anyone know of this scoob, SV05 LJZ,its a blue wrx with prodrive and sti rear spoiler,it is in Inverness area,guy has only had it 3 months and seems a bit vague as to why he wants rid,any help gratefully received,thanks in advance. SELLING VIA THE FORUM IS RESTRICTED TO PAID MEMBERS ONLY. THE MOD TEAM