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  1. until

    If I'm about and not away at work I might manage one day, never done Applecross and quite fancy it.
  2. This looks like it would have been awesome - but bloody working - new job has me home even less than last one so gonna be even more difficult to get to things - if that was possible
  3. Lookin good min! I'm looking forward to giving the cars a good spring clean when I get back fae work. Just remembered I need to get a new snow foam lance...
  4. Fit like? What's it running already? Looks pretty well kitted oot inside from the photo
  5. Thanks for sharing McTwist. Finally got a reply from Subaru UK by email today. Shame I had to resort to the social media route but this is the age we live in I guess. Their reply didn't give me any sort of satisfaction, but at least it was a reply :-/
  6. Well, thats the front suspension now broken again for weeks on the cs400. Had it all booked in, took it to the dealer, then subaru uk confirm no replacement actually available. I am now in Subaru customer service limbo waiting an unconfirmed time for a warranty replacement. The last time in this situation it took weeks... also took 4 1/2 weeks just to get a response to my subaru uk website support form, which told me their computer system now showed it was fixed. Subaru customer service is non-existant. My car is on its 3rd set of front struts having covered only 15000 miles. This 3rd set is now broken too. They seem to say there is only ever one "spare" set of suspension at a time. This stinks to me that they wait for a broken set, perform a not fit for purpose repair, then put more dodgy crap on my car only for it to break again soon after. Does the club have any subaru contacts they could help me with? The dealer wont allow me to speak to subaru, i cant get answers and have now resorted to comments on the subaru uk facebook. can the club legal cover help. This whole thing is sapping my love for all things subaru, hence why i'm hardly on here these days.
  7. The fastest and best colour! Very nice. Did ye nae fancy a high level spoiler?
  8. Just downlaoded the new Subaru Motorsports App. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/subaru-motorsports/id883073883?mt=8 Found linky from subaru usa youtube channel, theres a wee demo there of the 360 deg video
  9. Couple of cool fitting threads there. I might need to buy some goodies for the cossie soon to reignite my interest.
  10. Good wee onboard video fae David Higgins at Subaru Rally Team USA driving during last weeks Oregon Trail Rally. See Pastrana is back driving for them too - lead most of the way but Higgins beat him on the last day. There was a good picture on instagram with Higgins going over a jump with a flat tire - wheels got wrecked by end of the stage. Get following DavidHiggins75, CraigDrew75 and srtusa on instagram and facebook for yer Subaru rally fix. Enjoy...
  11. lol Just realized ye might nae see it until ye actually click on the photo - there's a Subaru parked ootside ibrokes
  12. As much as I cannae stand the Hun, or Richard Gough Ch*** Mol*****... Ye gotta love their banner pic after ye make a fake donation to help liquidate them again...
  13. Looking well good, min! Looking forward to getting after my pair after a winter of rain washing lol.
  14. Found it! First NHS Grampian rapid response car launched at ARI The specialist skills of NHS Grampian consultants are now provided at the scene of emergencies, with experts travelling in a new rapid response car anywhere they are needed in the region. The car was officially launched today Tuesday, 20 August, by ex-international rugby star Gavin Hastings OBE, and is part of NHS Grampian's new blue light service G-HEMS (this stands for Grampian-Hospitals Emergency Medical Service and is pronounced 'gems'). The Subaru Impreza rapid response car has been funded entirely from charitable donations to the Emergency Department of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The Sandpiper Trust, of which Gavin Hastings is the patron, has funded all the medical and clinical equipment carried in the new car. The car will be used by NHS Grampian consultants to reach incidents where the advanced skills of a pre-hospital doctor will assist Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) colleagues in caring for the critically injured or ill. The call out will be made by SAS or Police Scotland and the car is fitted with a siren and blue lights, as well as emergency medical equipment. It is the first time a vehicle has been used this way by NHS Grampian. Jonathan Lofthouse, NHS Grampian's Acute Sector General Manager and a previous ambulance incident commander, said: "This is a really exciting patient care development for Grampian. Significant clinical evidence proves that the early involvement of specialist pre-hospital consultants in the management of critically ill or injured casualties can mean the difference between life and death. "What we have developed for the people of Grampian, is a consultant-delivered emergency service that can take the resuscitation room to the most vulnerable of our patients. We are grateful to everyone whose donations have enabled this." Dr Jeremy Richardson, Clinical Lead for the ARI Emergency Department and NHS Grampian Pre-Hospital Team, said: "In preparation for our new service, I and the consultants who will be providing pre-hospital services, have trained with experts from UK helicopter emergency medical services to ensure the very best life saving skills will be available at the scene of an incident for patients." The NHS Grampian team of 11 A&E and Anaesthetic consultants are in the process of training in safety at scenes skills and blue light driving. Dr Mark Bloch, Consultant Anaesthetist and the Anaesthetist Lead for pre-hospital care, is also a volunteer with Grampian Immediate Care Scheme (GICS), which provides life-saving pre-hospital care: "For some of our most critically injured patients access to a speciality pre-hospital consultant may be the difference between life and death. In Grampian a number of doctors, both hospital and GP, have historically volunteered to support ambulance colleagues at complex and traumatic incidents. "Where G-HEMS fits is by significantly enhancing the availability, skills and equipment on offer to enhance pre-hospital survival. The car is equipped with a substantial array of emergency surgical equipment, monitors and other vital materials. In essence, it provides a mini emergency department at the roadside." The multi-disciplinary approach means A&E and Anaesthetic consultants working with GICS volunteers and members of all the Emergency Services at the scene of an incident. Care for critically ill and injured patients will continue in hospital, co-ordinated through A&E. It is anticipated that the new G-HEMS service will be called to around 14 incidents each week.
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