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  1. ive heard it will be the last jap meet at santapop 2moro is this true an who will be goin
  2. 97 r reg do you no who that girl is driving the silver scooby is its got a roof scoop sounds grrrrate

  3. i think i see you by the point i was in the silver an black sport

  4. wont be bringin the scoob left door open an battery is flat the lite was on need a new one away but on the bright side my brother has offerd to bring his black mr2 dont see many like this so hope to see sum of you lot whos goin
  5. dam it i got physco from 7 till 8 in wokingham wot tym dose it finish
  6. i think thires one on to nite but waiting for kylie to confirm
  7. wow thats mint well looked after on the face of it nice choice no silly after market kits which makes them look wrong a1 for your choice
  8. Hiya go for the hornet my brother has had them fited to all his car they made by the same makers that make the clifford look on ebay you can grt it fitted and you get a sort of pager that tells you wot part of your car is bein touched which i handy if ur to far a way for the car hope this helps
  9. when are meets held every week or when som 1 posts it up here the scottish av loads of meets by the looks of things
  10. TONYD


    power flow this weekend itis with d an g discs an better pads new lambda sensor an new cv joint kit coz make a knockin wen lock ryt so not any real mods for me this weekend then best way to spend the money i thinks
  11. TONYD


    wot shall i do i rang power flow an goin to see them but befor i do dose anyone have any adivse for me dont think its worth spendin 250 to lose power thats eeer dumb
  12. TONYD


    really its sez u get 25bhp more are they full of s##t
  13. TONYD


    hiya had some thinkin to do guna buy a prezy............... unequal headers they are about 250 for just the headers THEY ARE BORLA REPS then gota buy the rest sep.is it worth that much its for my sport non turbo HELP ME
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