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  1. That's great news, you must be very proud of it! Is it a turbo or N/A model?
  2. How do the Pirellis feel after 6 years? Hasn't the material aged and have started to become slippery? My previous Nokians WRG3 felt a lot more slippery after 3 winters even though they had tread left.
  3. A few pics of the FSTis and the WRX.
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. @ STImulation, I will try to dig out some pictures of my previous cars, they are in photobucket though and I don't think external linking works anymore . Legend? What for? Spending my hard earned on (mainly suspension & wheels) upgrades? 😅
  5. Hello everyone, after some period of inactivity and being Subaru-less for 4 years, I am now back to the fold with a 2008 Impreza 20th anniversary. I've previously owned a 2007 WRX wagon, a 2006 Forester STi and a 2004 Forester STi. I am looking forward to seeing you in the forthcoming meetings.
  6. Hi I am in germany. Here are a couple of pics
  7. Hi, I thought of introducing myself here, I have a Forester Sti; my previous car was a WRX. Cheers!
  8. Acrylic Prime followed by Jet Trigger is very good, easy to apply and lasts long.
  9. GB270 was a good buy new but seeing the 2nd hand prices of them now you must be crazy to spend 14k on a GB270 when you can get a Sti for the same money. You can buy a 10k WRX and spend less than 3k to spec it up to the GB270, why would one pay 14k+ for a GB270?! There are even some for sale for 17k!! These dealers must be living in a dream world! As for looks I prefer the GB270 though, specially wagons are beautiful Regarding the paint I don't see why the GB270 would have more paint issues as compared with a standard WRX/Sti, as said all cars came off the same production line and speced up by
  10. Can you take an in-car vid?
  11. Glad you like it . Yes exhaust was imported from the states and cost a small fortune. Post up the video. Yes that's the beauty of it, not too loud in the car but louder outside. At high rpm and full throttle you can hear the exhaust gases coming out, that's characteristic of the Genome, sounds like a jet engine My WRX did it too.
  12. Hi Westtra! The car is looking mean How do you find the exhaust? Does it sound like a jet engine when you floor it at 4-5k rpm with full throttle? This is normal I can't describe the sound but I loved it! Deep and discreet "V8-ish" sound at low revs and waking up when you nail it! Can you post a sound/video clip up? I miss my car now
  13. Isn't the closing date 31.05.09 as per title? How much would it cost to map an already mapped -by someone else- ECU? Does Andy have to buy the license again? Cheers for clarifying
  14. I might be interested if I have bought a Subaru by then (aiming to do so in the next few weeks). What's the price for mapping an ECUTEK ECU but the ECU has been previously mapped by someone else? I guess I won't need a license ?
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