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  1. John MacDonald

    by stopping WRC Rallying. But still does somework Subaru USA tony
  2. John MacDonald

    the newer sti 2011 onwards are all the same. previous models best compromise by prodrive springs and coilovers to harsh. but now coilovers a better solution. use good quality ones though. also use rear taper springs that use rubber top mount. tony
  3. Hello

    hi and welcome, get some pics up i think sometime back a new server install and unused usernames lost but maybe recovered ask Don or Floz tony
  4. Dyno run graph help

    agree with flozz but looks like a boost spik3 in begining so eiher cut boost or retarded timing. what fuel you running ? lots people find uncrupless petrol garages scam 95 ron in 98ron pumps. tony
  5. New user to SIDC

    Hi MATT welcome to the madhouse. Sorry not aware of previous owner. Tony
  6. pay good attention to sump oil pick up pipe. Common come loose or crack at bracket that age uprate studs n nuts. quality head gasket tony
  7. New car

    Welcom and Yes post some pictures up ?? to y
  8. Track Day Interest

    Yes good circuit but love Donny tony
  9. Carpet Mat Set STI 2008MY

    Ok see you there
  10. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    very nice, yes agree lessis more.tints in rear tends not to offend most
  11. Carpet Mat Set STI 2008MY

    Kev send me paypal request include postage etc to t5nyw@live.co.uk tony
  12. Brand New Sti 330S Wheels

    A bargain IMHO Tony
  13. Calipers sorted

    i,m good at testing brakes,
  14. hawk had 225 on UK & 235 on jdm,s. 235 uncommon in uk. also offset on sti hatch onwards is greater than hawk. hatch wheels on hawk rubs arches & other way they rub struts on hatch. IIRC Tony
  15. Air Oil Separator

    lll give you a tenner for it, lady tenor that is
  16. New saloon owner

    more common HG failure on 2.5ltr than peeps think, since only low sales volumes. if ever goes high quality head gasket, bigger uprated head studs. yes, good fuel, never over rev, don,t go over 350 bhp, good servicing. imho tony
  17. Tax Disc

    i,ve got a jolly green memorial disk in mine. perhaps do a "SIDC membership" disc with user name/mem no. make use of redundant holders tony
  18. New saloon owner

    its not heavy, just stuck in one position
  19. this is slighly technical eg. 17s pcd 100 x 71/2" width and offset(et) of eg. et55(should say on wheel) when prodrive 18s are fitted they are eg. pcd100 x 8" width and eg. et48 others makers maybe 18 x 7.5 x et43 . notice the et has changed due to width wheel compared to 8" above. the et, offset, makes the wheel nearer to wheel arch or nearer to strut. niether of which you want to rub. these arent actual et,s also coilovers and dropped suspension can effect what an catch/rub tyre So you see a possible can of worms hence premium for good fitting prodrive wheels.. tony Don can provide normal sizes and et,s
  20. New saloon owner

    hi and welcome. Don is yor best option for all bits for saloon if there is an upgrade part his car has it tony
  21. IMG_1428.JPG

    Looks great day. Sadly couldn't make it. Tony
  22. there is also the the issue of the air pump & relay ???? if yu do nothing long enough it will all go away tony
  23. WRX STI RA Video

    id only drive it like you were sat next to me
  24. 13 STI Broken Center Diff

    thats not something common for sure. ive had my 2011 4th sycro be iffy but new clutch and gearbox oil sees to hsave sorted it. tony