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  1. Odd version i,d seen i think route for intercooler pipe!!!!! or old age moment Your saying the clutch fluid needs to be replaced because it will be closer to the turbo? yes, giving large can boil and peddle stops down Also would I need a out of tank fuel pump . not sure but dont think so, athough upraded Pump and Pressure regulator as minimum. Injectors depending on IDC on remap. Also depnd on previous set up upgrades and new mods for power or new Turbo etc. Would a gt35r be laggy on a 2.35 or should I go for a gt30r ? iffy 50/50, i`d prefer less lag over bhp pub figures, use bum dyno, so gt30. But better to ask on scoobynet, as more peeps have been down this route. Tony
  2. bar from having ro much room LOL. length of Turbo oil pipes I assume you have to raise/space up the induction headers. You might need to upgrade clutch fluid mutol RBF600 still dot4 but better boil points than dot 5 or 5.1 lag and or heat sheild. Tony
  3. looking good, seems like youre be a very happy bunny now
  4. Hi Jeffers, a warm possible welcome. The STi 09 hatch, i assume its a UK version so a 2.5ltr. it would be a 2.0ltr if JDM. i own a 2011 sti UK saloon and need to warn you that there has been some common issue with the 2.5ltr engines. Listed below are bands roughly effected. Although some done 100k mile and perfect but saying that my 2.5ltr lasted only 2.5 yrs an 19k miles 2006 to 2012 ring land failure 15k miles to 55k miles 2006 to 2009 head gasket failure 12k m to 40k m Biggest influense is how much power it runs, how often hit limiter, how good, oils and luck. 330 if PPP or ProR pack. Most wont touch a 2.5ltr Scoob unless uprated head stud and forged pistons. long test drive essential 20 to 40 miles see exhaust on cold start, check water & oil cap see exhaust on hot start after run, check all again lock to lock forwards and backwards right and left. water temp should never vary. Engine rebuilds circ £5k to £10k so not cheap Tony
  5. Don’t forget your crash hat for rally day. By the way as passenger you’ll need lond sleeves no bare arms.
  6. BestCarWebsays it will move to the FA20F direct-injection engine. The 2.0-liter unit will be massaged to deliver 320 hp (239 kW) in stock form and will come exclusively mated to a six-speed manual transmission. https://www.autoblog.com/amp/2019/08/30/2021-subaru-wrx-sti-new-engine-new-platform/
  7. https://forums.sidc.co.uk/topic/166081-rallyday-2019/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1503927 follow the link
  8. Very nice car. Hope you checked the car over before you bought it 🤪
  9. t5nyw

    Rallyday 2019

    if they need any tips, let me know see you all there Tony
  10. Here is 3 but certain the other was bigger. 🤪 but can’t find it
  11. t5nyw


    welcome back, i reconise the user name from the past. Tony
  12. ive seen one with one single inthe centre but twice the size
  13. the front bumper, bonnet & wings look V5 classic 97-98 STi
  14. Seems tidy. Will really depend on the price you offer and price he will accept are similar. Tony
  15. as its release bearing issue, maynot need flywheel!!!! After 2nd clutch normally needs flywheel depending on driver. but definately change flywheel bearing. if does needs flwheel, get ACT lightened. Caution on very cheap fleabay parts. i used to get mid range pice and top quality at AS performance approx. as guide £150-350 Exedy range from 230mm 5 speed kit £100-250 fitting depends on hourly rate, cash job and experience. £15 gearbox oil £15 Fwheel brg so without Fwheel circa£400 - 450 with£620-700 Tony
  16. @@@@@@ i need a tissue although i could never afford one
  17. its nice but cant wait to see the JDM version
  18. 330 made but no 13, 113, 213 or 313. #all i can say is the reall reg plate is R470AOE and ive looked around and number 3 is R469AOE im bloody hoping it is need to find out now like# https://www.scoobynet.com/scoobynet-general-1/957265-subaru-terzo-no-1-of-333-a.html
  19. £289 delivered so lockeed closest forgot sidc discount 🤬
  20. Just arrived from the dealership. As you see New and complete bar no colour coded panel and no indicator. So guess the price. Tony
  21. Don My Passenger Door mirror motor clutch is @@@@ motor works permanently but not driving Wheres the cheapest to get a new replacement Folding heated adjustable etc in no hurry as cut cable to motor also not bothered about colour coded as the cover is ok.
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