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  1. Don My Passenger Door mirror motor clutch is @@@@ motor works permanently but not driving Wheres the cheapest to get a new replacement Folding heated adjustable etc in no hurry as cut cable to motor also not bothered about colour coded as the cover is ok.
  2. Thanks Don 👍 I think prodrive left the resonator in on some models only tanking our 2nd Cat. But not 100% on that If you have box that looks like a squashed water bottle then that’s the resonator tony
  3. https://www.subarupartsamerica.com/parts/2008/SUBARU/Impreza/WRX STI/?siteid=216122&vehicleid=204487&section=EXHAUST SYSTEM&group=&subgroup=&component=&searchText=&startRow=11&maxRow=10 item 12 itermediate pipe
  4. awesome a bit like arnies film Twins
  5. Nice video. @@@@@@@@ TGV and 340R map
  6. price depends on model year . £40 more your heads have TGV fitted
  7. Looking good polished mine ready for weekend and a neighbour @@@@@@@@ tree decided to shed sap and crap all over it not amused
  8. from a Newport number, nearly never answered it, I thought normal scam call. Tony
  9. IMPORTANT The Sanddown hotel is closed for refurbishment during our stay. We all have been upgraded to the Sandringham hotel at no extra cost. looks very nice to check if you booked directly with Hotel. Tony
  10. best way although one of those 340R back boxes will oon fall apart inside and rattle!!!! very common fault
  11. They can’t block GPS only mobile GSM It know it’s stolen it knows where it is but no signal find the aerial find the unit A lad had his car stolen, One tracker system tried to charge £200 + for all the calls made to Delhi & premium porn lined using the SiM out of Unit. Tony
  12. i wwonder who would ever have the need a portable mobile phone GSM blocker,£80-140 ebay ???? Cant understand where you could ever use it
  13. cracking job looks like we will be asking mates rates to fix ours
  14. 95% of insurers will NOT give any discount if tracker is fitted and under 25% insist you have one. Which shows the reliabity of them. And not cheap to buy or run. You can buy 1, 2, 3 or lifetime Subs, but if sell the car its, non transferable. one owner and one car deal. lose it all. Only a joy riding moron key jacker would get caught by tracking device that uses GSM a mobile Sim. IMHO. Avoid ALL unless dirt cheap. Tony
  15. i had had all the ones fitted to uk scoobs. The best ive had is scorpiontrack. although hopfully if stolen they find the orginal OEM fitted unit first and not the new working one. issue with trackers ll use GSM as coms back to base, so issue if no signal if you dont need a tracker get blackjax and steering wheel crook lock. technical thingd easier to overcome rather than mechanical. void thumbprint or optical as they can have knives.
  16. to be honest probably cheaper o get a new seat from ebay Tony
  17. Look what arrive today 👍 a deal on orders over £50 get £10 off
  18. i always use Fuch pro race fully synthetic 15w50 on tweaked Sti 2.5ltr and high tuned 2.0trs. As advised by some tuners. But PPP 2.0ltr WRX 2.5ltr ok on 15w40. I dare say 15w40 would be ok in above. I have used Motul. 6 years thrashing my Hawk T20 around tracks it never complained. i changed it either just before or just after a trackday, depending on milliage. So my average oil change was 1,200 miles. Now my T25 430bhp has an oil cooler and less temperature variation, my oil changes are more like 1,700-2,000 miles. My 2011 2.5 370bhp has forged pistons so be OK 15W40 but its run on Fuch 15W50 as easier to keep one oil Cost of oil, filter labour under£70, so peanuts compared to a rebuild. So most people get given some advice and if works out, they stick to that plan, even if technically incorrect. Tony Oilman will give more wisdom than us plebs
  19. Hi Jake this can only be improved by posting some pictures of both old & New 👍 tony
  20. I’m an old fart so staying at a hotel. A few of us have book all the remaining rooms so time ago September last year. not sure if any cancellation give them a ring Sandown Hotel Culver Parade, Sandown, PO36 8AS, United Kingdom Tony
  21. Will depend on your disc sizes on WRX compaired to the STi, if diferent will/may need Sti backplates if disks/calipers foul your WRX ones. but fixings wise otherwise should be a straight swap as above PS4's do a youtube search Tony
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