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  1. Club Charity for 2018

    Any of the three causes are truly worthy our support. Shame we aren’t big enough to support all. Anyone who can get prizes for a charity auction 😎
  2. Soon to be new owner

    Welcome to the mad house. Good choice there I love the 2015/16 models. At least you can get a proper blue saloon unlike my 2011. Nice car history πŸ‘ Tony
  3. Club Charity for 2018

    Dementia . Where memories are of a long loved family member are destroyed by a cruel disease. Turning them into a stranger in their own home. Tony
  4. Club Charity for 2018

    Another one for Dementia but I can’t remember why πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ tony
  5. John MacDonald

    by stopping WRC Rallying. But still does somework Subaru USA tony
  6. John MacDonald

    the newer sti 2011 onwards are all the same. previous models best compromise by prodrive springs and coilovers to harsh. but now coilovers a better solution. use good quality ones though. also use rear taper springs that use rubber top mount. tony
  7. Hello

    hi and welcome, get some pics up i think sometime back a new server install and unused usernames lost but maybe recovered ask Don or Floz tony
  8. Dyno run graph help

    agree with flozz but looks like a boost spik3 in begining so eiher cut boost or retarded timing. what fuel you running ? lots people find uncrupless petrol garages scam 95 ron in 98ron pumps. tony
  9. New user to SIDC

    Hi MATT welcome to the madhouse. Sorry not aware of previous owner. Tony
  10. pay good attention to sump oil pick up pipe. Common come loose or crack at bracket that age uprate studs n nuts. quality head gasket tony
  11. New car

    Welcom and Yes post some pictures up ?? to y
  12. Carpet Mat Set STI 2008MY

    Ok see you there
  13. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    very nice, yes agree lessis more.tints in rear tends not to offend most
  14. Carpet Mat Set STI 2008MY

    Kev send me paypal request include postage etc to t5nyw@live.co.uk tony
  15. Brand New Sti 330S Wheels

    A bargain IMHO Tony