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  1. t5nyw


    welcome back, i reconise the user name from the past. Tony
  2. ive seen one with one single inthe centre but twice the size
  3. the front bumper, bonnet & wings look V5 classic 97-98 STi
  4. Seems tidy. Will really depend on the price you offer and price he will accept are similar. Tony
  5. as its release bearing issue, maynot need flywheel!!!! After 2nd clutch normally needs flywheel depending on driver. but definately change flywheel bearing. if does needs flwheel, get ACT lightened. Caution on very cheap fleabay parts. i used to get mid range pice and top quality at AS performance approx. as guide £150-350 Exedy range from 230mm 5 speed kit £100-250 fitting depends on hourly rate, cash job and experience. £15 gearbox oil £15 Fwheel brg so without Fwheel circa£400 - 450 with£620-700 Tony
  6. @@@@@@ i need a tissue although i could never afford one
  7. its nice but cant wait to see the JDM version
  8. 330 made but no 13, 113, 213 or 313. #all i can say is the reall reg plate is R470AOE and ive looked around and number 3 is R469AOE im bloody hoping it is need to find out now like# https://www.scoobynet.com/scoobynet-general-1/957265-subaru-terzo-no-1-of-333-a.html
  9. £289 delivered so lockeed closest forgot sidc discount 🤬
  10. Just arrived from the dealership. As you see New and complete bar no colour coded panel and no indicator. So guess the price. Tony
  11. Don My Passenger Door mirror motor clutch is @@@@ motor works permanently but not driving Wheres the cheapest to get a new replacement Folding heated adjustable etc in no hurry as cut cable to motor also not bothered about colour coded as the cover is ok.
  12. Thanks Don 👍 I think prodrive left the resonator in on some models only tanking our 2nd Cat. But not 100% on that If you have box that looks like a squashed water bottle then that’s the resonator tony
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