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  1. That’s a great price. Perhaps helped car value or postcode. 👍
  2. Supa welcome to the Club, looking good we are hoping to organise Truxton skidpan day spring time Tony
  3. Thank you nice to be welcomed, Richard



  4. Nice, an early xmas prezzy to yourself meets start February. So mid/late January a list of possibles and usual events come out. if you have ideas "newbies" generally come up with bright ideas. Tony
  5. t5nyw


    welcome to the SIDC there are a few legacy anf Forester owners on here.
  6. maybe worth a read https://www.scoobynet.com/961130-cosworth-cs400-9.html
  7. Lewis i've ever known 3 "ex-owners" & enthusiast of cs400, as far too costly new. And not as poweful or reliable as claimed. So most have ended up as a "third" car or an investment. IMHO Hope you can find in budget good luck Tony
  8. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everybody at SIDC
  9. 2x fronts painted, 1x helicoil thread and 2x new disc IIRC......£380 delivered £50 if want groved etc.
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