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  1. hi and welcome to the club i dont know the car either. But if i was after a 2.5L Hatch the ad and supporting2 mods would appeal to me. Although with track work, i would look for a 2.0L jdm version but normaly 15-20% more money. buying a scoob lowest miles most service history owned by enthusiast, even reciepts for air fresheners LOL be wary of multiable recent owner avoid 2.5L engines!! Tony
  2. Pioneer range seem to fit ok if you have an iphone look, try get apple carplay dab230 if steering wheel control input req dab130 if not. otherwise for andriod with mirrocast.
  3. https://www.evo.co.uk/subaru/impreza/6669/subaru-impreza-wrxs Coilovers and 4W alignment certainly will help. V3 cars chassis is much softer than previous generations and coilovers much improved. spring kits not as good improvement as were on V2 an V1 generations. Agree with above get a good turner and only run SUL. But as you are aware 2.5L engines are not anywhere as good as 2.0L. if you go more power vastly inreases chance of at least Head Gasket failure at best or worst Piston Ring land failure or Crank. Tony
  4. so no finesse just brute force, ram it in or else misses every gear. and then have start again from 1st interested as likewise thought about one, the proper £10,000 sequencial can wait till lottery win. tony
  5. http://www.hardmotorsport.com/cae-ultra-shifter-subaru-wrx-sti-race-version/ http://www.hardmotorsport.com/cae-ultra-shifter-subaru-wrx-sti-street-version/
  6. hi and welcome. was you both ay Oulton Park trackday Wed 10th April? i was with the Hayley Group car. Thought i saw yours but left my phone at home Tony
  7. nice choice and welcome to the club Tony
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