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  1. Matthew Welcome to the SIDC 👍 tony
  2. t5nyw

    Members XMAS Dinner

    looks nice place. Tony
  3. a big thanks to Ian at Godspeed brakes tony
  4. whoops I bet that will be rare as probably added £6+K to the price Tony
  5. Welcome to the SIDC, you right the RB5 WR Sport is quite rare. My mate own one 15yrs ago an awesome car. Although i,ve seen a few at JDM day at castle Comb, Around March. we attend there as a club. Tony
  6. most old speedos always showhigher han actual. But i would imagine the 17" impreza wheels/tyres and incorrect rolling radius is partialy to blame. Maybe have impreza tyres on so eg. 40 profile and should be 50 profile closer to forester original wheels rolling radius. @The Don has better technical info and more accurate.
  7. okay your booked for my next session, at JDM Day. Driving like miss Daisey
  8. 65 april 1st. secret drive faster
  9. although i do love the 2019 Sti
  10. All fine thanks, bar nearly 65y and 2 Scoobs im in Hereford so 350 miles south. So a bit of a trek for some neeps & tatties. There is a big Scottish section in this site and run their own local meets and trackdays etc. Nice bunch f enthusiast https://forums.sidc.co.uk/forum/11-scottish-scoobies/ Tony
  11. I assume ayrshire as S&S
  12. Adrian Welcome to the club, lovely scoob What area of the country you from? We are having a Xmas meal Sat. end of november. hopelly doing a rolling road day that morning before or the Sunday after. Tony
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