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  1. Look tile Team dynamics 1.2 wheels. I had some on my hawk years ago tony
  2. Welcome to to the SIDC What part of the country are you from? We have local meets troughout the year, trackdays and attend most big car shows (and some small ones) @@@@@@@ Covid put paid to all that, strange times Well we will once it all gets going again, probably february 2021 Floz is chairman and Don is a mind of info. Tony
  3. @leon77 i think Floz may have restrictions on tralling so need to near his home Tony
  4. if on computor can drag and drop. on phone if you look at the submit reply box, bottom left corner, above the notify me switch, is a paper clip. "choose files" should take you to your phones photo albums. Hopefully or wasted 30mins typing LOL Tony
  5. Glad you were able to see him, we need a meat up perhaps prem inn at lemmington upon spar loved food there or somewhere closer? Tony
  6. Welcome to the club my prodrive sti bugeye was my very first brand new car and loved it Tony
  7. there generally common range is 82- 95c eg 95c is fully open. others are circa is 75-88c.1.0ltr engines are higher. this also depend on pressure of system as all budding scientists know altough Cosworth motorsort ones ae rated at 10-15c lower than common ones. tony
  8. there are two ranges of thermostats you can get. perhaps lower one fitted previously. agreed 20mins driving full to empty light on, Tony
  9. it means Thank you for useful information.
  10. v5 & V6 Sti are still very sought after an 20+ years old, a low milliage V6 STi ltd edition £15- 20k watch out for money pits, so the very best of luck tony
  11. now sold And to honest not really sure, some newage wrx parts genericaly fitted to a classic but with lots didnt. really need to compare chassis numbers agaist parts manuals etc to be sure. Don is master on parts. tony @The Don
  12. if not ran for 2 -3 weeks some security alarms/tracers etc can take a toll on even a healthy battery. Most still owered even if not subscribed. Common issue are old tracker units (fitted from new) back batteries are old and FUBAR causing heavier and constant load. i put an ammeter on my T25 a had 8 amps drain. found unit and battery red hot and melting. i know one guy found 2 trackers in his, 1 original and 1 aftr market fitted by one of the previous owners Tony
  13. there are quite few scots members, generally into trackdays and a nice bunch. Take a look in scotish forum pages. Tony
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