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  1. Have you got it earthed property also try it without the aerial in. some subarus have powered aerials already. The unit may also be trying to power aerial. also try without earth on handbrake cable. I did have a Subaru din adapter that differed connection to speakers. Test the colours match/go to right places think it swapped one or two. tony
  2. Check for cracks or leaks on boost pipes also common atmospheric dump valves leak. Clean or new seals.
  3. If you put a private plate on then remove. Car goes back to the original plate. tony
  4. Welcome to the mad house ๐Ÿ˜‚ tony
  5. Not sure if we had that version in the UK. Is it 1.8/2.0 non turbo 4speed. Don is the man on specifications Tony
  6. Sorry REG doesnโ€™t ring a bell. sometimes because may have been on private plates tony
  7. Merry Xmas everyone ๐ŸŽ… Tony
  8. There are always issues getting correct parts and fittings, as like all cars. they are not the same some are obvious some not so. Number plate is no guaranty of Model year changes & revision between years Big differences between STi $ WRX EU/JDM/UK differences 16 year old cars can be modified Tony
  9. t looks like the 30min job took longer!!! LOL
  10. Awesome let us know whatโ€™s the bum dyno records. Much more accurate than a rolling road ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. When i last asked iain, 4 offical T25 #'s were wrote off . 1 was wrote off had having done only 10 miles on the clock after leaving Iains garage.T25 # ยฟ crystal grey Blob SammyH SWS & SN moderatorT25 #? Hawk, Red, SWS memberT25 # ? Blob, Blue WorcesterT25 #? Blob, Blue (Mac)T25 #? Blob crytal grey Buzzer2017T25 #5 BlobT25 #9 Blob MY54T25 #14 Blue Blobeye (was VX54 OMG) Dublin irelandT25 #16 Blob MY54 Crystal GreyT35 #22 blob MY54 Crystal grey, LM450, Cosworth short block.STAN04T25 #25 Spec C buildT25 #27 Blob MY05, Crystal Grey Build (XRS)T25 #34 Blob STi T5NYW HerefordT25 #35 Blob MY05 WR BlueT25 #38 Blob Tom MarT25 #37 Blob Blue Spec C limited MY03 Build (may be on here but definitely on South East Scoobs (scoobiepaul )T25 #45 Hawk, Black A-line, MY06, Build (Scoobyraj),T25 #49 Hawk Black sarah IOMT25 #57 Hawk (Steve2)
  12. Hi yes I have a litchfield Type 25 as well. Although not as good looking as yours ๐Ÿ‘ mine has 110,000 on the clock and I drive mine on the track. ian litchfield has been a friend of mine since 1998. there are also many fakes out there. Built like a T25 or UK Type 25โ€™s. All LITCHFIELD T25 are Japanese cars and not UK Tony
  13. Welcome as said a bit quiet here. And you ought to get a picture of your pussy cat up ๐Ÿ‘ lol Tony
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