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  1. All fine thanks, bar nearly 65y and 2 Scoobs im in Hereford so 350 miles south. So a bit of a trek for some neeps & tatties. There is a big Scottish section in this site and run their own local meets and trackdays etc. Nice bunch f enthusiast https://forums.sidc.co.uk/forum/11-scottish-scoobies/ Tony
  2. Adrian Welcome to the club, lovely scoob What area of the country you from? We are having a Xmas meal Sat. end of november. hopelly doing a rolling road day that morning before or the Sunday after. Tony
  3. Little beads of rain adds to the shine 👍
  4. Agreed more pictures 👍
  5. My alpine many years ago said the same. Someone said it used to have the actual top speed. But later a ridiculous one was put in to stop it being used for prosecution. Tony
  6. josh i took Joe on the track and still speaks to me
  7. 23rd October , bet uk cant enter
  8. Should be able to, but may need a special tool. if it cant depin. just cut each wire slighly different lengths. solder back together with small shrink tube each cable
  9. About fubar even worse, only 3thou of Front brake pads left but only braked 6 times on way home, to come to rest then at petrol stop a very ickle kerb jumped out and knocked off corner of Lip spoiler
  10. or £ 270 new just hope a second hand one is on Ebay to make a good one out of two. Tony
  11. My 2nd at Rallyday Castle Combe with @STImulation
  12. My first session with @Joe Preston a bit boring really as not enough cars
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