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  1. To be fair thats suprised me, so well done Cambridge Subaru Tony
  2. i would love to 60mph in NSL zone but some old codger (im nearly 64yr) is doing 44mph in a 40, 50 or 60 zone and all 2 cars behind are nose to tail and need a 20 mile straight to overtake. Then baseball cap spotty 19yr tries to overtake all 3 cars on double whites on a blind creast. lucky idiot got away with it. so a max of 112 or 155mph WTF Tony
  3. Crazy So now, i am driving in a 30mph zone and i see kids playng, riding bike or old folk etc i slow down to 20mph. So when the govement take over my throttle. i hold then it flat to the floor everywhere for my whole journey and never breaking a speed limit awesome every roundabout, corner and junction sideways Perhaps Top Gears Chris Harris or Matt le Blanc could show them they possible pitfalls Tony
  4. 1)No leaner driver in last 20 years has been taught how to overtake a car unless on dual carrageway !!!!! 2) They keep slowing down NSP areas to 40 & 50mph, longer double whites and speed cameras on log straights. 3) big fat dual urban carriageways change speed every 100mtr to 50, 30, 50, 40, 60, 30, 50mph etc 4) Yet twisty B roads with car cutting trees on every corner & big fat heavy tractors are still 60mph. And they wonder why there are accidents Tony
  5. legal protection is a useful but under used part of any insurance cover
  6. 134567 miles whats a cleaning kit???? tony
  7. https://www.google.com/search?q=legacy+abs+fuse&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=tyFxyxClORvuVM%3A%2C9rH-aXLzK7dQnM%2C_&usg=AI4_-kSDiUQnRS3pnDjSNRgBFUrOC-dx8w&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjp2PKP7dLgAhUUtXEKHeEeDGwQ9QEwE3oECAEQBg&cshid=1550959205935698&biw=960&bih=456&dpr=2#imgrc=tyFxyxClORvuVM: try this link it may help you 👍
  8. all good advice. check oil & water check engine light, airbag and abs lights must be on with ign and go off once started. treat Any £10 fix comment with pinch of salt. if that cheap would already been fixed 1. test cold start up, rattles and smoke. 2. test drive 10 to 20 test hot start smoke 3. slowly drive full lock to lock in 1st and reverse, clunking jumping 4. check oil n water again 5. look for an anal enthusiasts car also agree Johns post the WRX 2.5ltr not a Big issue tony
  9. Cheers Phil Glad you made it 👍 Sadly I FB has been nightmare the last 4 years and cut down notifications. So lost contact after he left SIDC. So didn’t know he was even ill . I only found out he’d passed away in some random conversation. I really feel for Rosie, and Jackie and they also lost his mum few weeks after. . Tony
  10. i would have loved to have gone, i assumed was private affair. Would amagine it was packed out all the same. send our condolences to his family. Regards Tony
  11. Roy Great looking car Tony
  12. My company covered me for 10 years for big exhaust , big power, big brakes JDMs even on track but wouldn’t cover a new 2011 320R but cover a new 2011 Sti. Bonkers use kieth Micheals 2x Scoobs = 800+bhp total £800 👍 Tony
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