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  1. True, they are rare but all bar back exhaust ad nsilencers are same as the hatch Also if that said Prodrive and not ProR and all would be sold by now. Tony
  2. t5nyw

    2015 WRX STi Struts/Shocks

    my 2011 oly done 21,000 and are suspect. looks like 17 to 25k on A road or 30 or 35k motorway miles
  3. t5nyw

    Gold wheels

    the rolling radius should be similar space saver, although only ever fit the space saver on the Rear IMHO unless travelling a mile or so, and VERY slowly, Get foam fill repair jobby. get a full size spare and don't buy shopping Tony
  4. t5nyw

    STi fun

    100% agree, as tyres are everything when it comes grip , i smile when owners put wing wang woo tyres and a handling turns car into dog poo . i use pilot sport 3 on the red one, fair grip on wet or dry. tbe standard 4WD geo is notoriously bad. they must use a piece of string, with knots in. Tony
  5. looks tidy get pictues up once one. i saw they had youtube video of fitting didnt look to bad to do. tony
  6. they do look good though. about£375 delivered in uk. cheapest usa i saw was £300 +vat p&p and import duty Tony
  7. good result, boost control is very accurate on 2008+ ECU. Although they struggled for ages sort out a few 2010 340R's with poor power results. They would run 340bhp ish in sport but ran lumpy and under 300hp in sport# Tony
  8. Stock pistons and head studs and gaskets 350 max stock turbo 375 Max’s out 400 About £6k to £8,000 tony
  9. Most go wih the Cosworth version although was more expensive but was more reliable. Are they keeping it low on purpose so it doesn’t out perform their WRX STI like Porsche seem to do with their cayman? No keeping it low like MX5 format, more grip than power = safer Tony
  10. what about an ios app.for your phone??? can get it to read gauges etc tony
  11. said the people selling one and never said by driver. Everyone ive driven handled good but power delivery was so poor it couldn,t test the chassis. my m8 was driving BRZ and i overtook it in a hire astra 1.7tdi. the supercharged version is much better. tony
  12. t5nyw

    Subaru teases ultimate WRX STI

    about time !!!!!!!!! i assume a fda hybrid Tony
  13. t5nyw

    Wheel scrubbing

    mine does same getting in and out of a tight drive,. depends on if struts are worn, type of road surface and type of tyres. try putting DCCD in Manual and 1Bar. should improve a bit. if so probably ok. if still same maybe rear struts. 45+km Tony
  14. mine failed just under 3yr old at 19,000 . always serviced 6 monthly and not yearly. Always V power, Driven quickly but still my shopping scoob. Engine done in warranty but i paid 1k extra for forged pistons to be fitted. on other hand one is 85+k and no sign of issues. test cold start up exhaust, check fluids get warm do 30 miles check fluids leave to cool for 15 to 30mins start up and rev up do the same checks. check for oil in water or bubbling check oil filler for milky water (water) Tony